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    2. Bret Busby
    3. Does anyone on the list, have information (that they have not already sent me) about the following people or their descendants? Sarah (Sally) BONE, born 1815, Botus Fleming, daughter of John Bone and Grace. Sarah married John Ebbott 2 July 1839, in Egloskerry Parish. She died 4 January 1858 at Malvern, Victoria, Australia. Philip Upton EBBOTT, died 20 May 1851, at Trehummer, Tresmeer Parish. He was married to Mary Ferrett. Mary FERRETT, born 1783, at Treneglos Parish, daughter of Henry FERRETT and Philippa CRADDOCK. Mary married Philip Upton EBBOTT. Henry FERRETT, born 29 March 1750, at Jacobstow, died 1822, Treneglos Parish, son of William FERRETT and Joan JOLLOW. Philippa CRADDOCK, died 1822, Treneglos Parish. She was married to Henry FERRETT. William FERRETT, born at St Genny's (prior to 28 September 1712 - see below), son of Henery FERRETT and Honour MILL. Henery FERRETT, died at St Genny's. He was married to Honour MILL. Honour MILL, born 1691, at St Genny's, died 28 September 1712, at St Genny's. She was married to Henery FERRETT. Thanks in anticipation. -- Bret Busby Armadale West Australia .............. "So once you do know what the question actually is, you'll know what the answer means." - Deep Thought, Chapter 28 of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy In Four Parts", written by Douglas Adams, published by Pan Books, 1992 ....................................................

    11/22/2003 11:37:24