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    1. [EATON] Eaton, Claude B son of George A Eaton & Elizabeth Ireland
    2. Doc
    3. George A Eaton (1854-1918) Herkimer Co.- Oneida Co., Elizabeth B Ireland (1855-abt 1919) NY Claude Brudenell Eaton, b. 9 Sep 1879, Capron, Oneida Co., NY - unknown when he passed. m. Elizabeth Shaughnessy (1882-1949), 13 Jun 1900, New York Mills, Oneida Co. My paternal Great Grandparents, son Clifford Franklin may have been born as an Eaton, 31 Mar 1903, Utica, Oneida Co. Researching 24 years Clifford Franklin Begnal, d. 15 Mar 1960, So. San Francisco, San Mateo Co., CA in the line of Duty, and what I thought to be his Begnal Lineage, is not. As of 29 Dec 2016, a 2nd Cousin Rockwell wrote "/found what appears to be the solution to the conundrum you mention about Clifford Franklin Begnal parentage.   Your research and instincts were right.  Clifford’s parents were not Lizzie Shaughnessy and George Begnal.  It turns out that Lizzie had a previous marriage. On June 13, 1900, she married Claud[e?] B. Eaton, and this union gave birth to Clifford Franklin in 1903./" Thus 25 yrs later now begins a new Chapter in the continuation of who really was Clifford Franklin's biological Father. Of course I would like to connect to Descendants of George A Eaton & Elizabeth B Ireland, Osse Eaton Jr & Mercy Ann Penner, Ossee Eaton Sr & Hannah Pooler, in learning more. Wishing to confirm Claude B Eaton as my paternal great-grandfather, before getting my hopes up again, only to learn different as I had with the Begnal lineage. Today marks the 17th year of my First Rootsweb Post 10 Apr 2001 Claude B Eaton -  which also contains Clifford Franklin (1903-1960) and my Father Newton Richard Begnal/Richard N. Young (1924-1995) & Uncle Clifford Anthony Begnal/Young (1923-2012).  Neither my Uncle or Father knew their Father, nor myself until 1968, then in 1993, I learned of Clifford Franklin. I completed AncestryDNA test 13 Dec 2016, and thus far have not connected to either Begnal or Eaton Cousins. Thank you for any information/connection to the Eaton's. Doc -- Regards, D.R. "Doc" Young - Salt Lake Valley Utah

    04/10/2018 03:33:52