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    1. [EAGAN] Welcome to the Eagan Group
    2. Jim Jackson
    3. Welcome to, our new home for genealogical discussions. This is an exciting time with a very impressive website and the opportunity to rekindle our communications and, perhaps, revive research that has been set aside for a time. Diane and I want to encourage you to make us of this group with your brick walls, successes, questions and whatever answers you may have for others' queries. To begin with, introductions are encouraged, including some history about yourself etc. If we can feel like a "family" we might get more out of being here. We definitely do not want to make this such a strict environment that you are discouraged from entering or starting discussions. If you on the Rootsweb list have not yet joined at, simply click on the link at top of this message and click "Join This Group." We want you to enjoy being a part of this group and to be glad you joined in the first place. If you have other group connections where you may spread the word about us that will be great as well. Looking forward to hearing from you all, Jim "Pops" Jackson and Diane Sowden

    02/29/2020 03:18:09