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    1. [DRAKE-ENG-USA] Drake family histories
    2. Janet
    3. After seeing so many amazing Drake family histories online, I want to mention that my close cousin Willis A. Davis (now deceased) retired from his job at Cherry Creek Bank in Colorado to live near my Mother and me inSpringfield, OH. This gave him a wonderful opportunity to get pictures and family info about her (and my) specific line of Drakes through Lee R. back generations to N.J. and our Revolutionary War ancestor Thomas Drake and then backward to England. Willis and I both used this Thomas Drake to become members of SAR and DAR respectively. I'm fortunate enough to have a copy of Cousin Willis's "A Drake Family History" (which may have been included in someone's on the Net - he didn't ever publish it) will see the Drake-Trotter connection - at least in our line. I'll just quote from my PAF every name index: Trotter, Rebecca (1655-July 5, 1655??) married in 66 (?) the Rev. John Drake Trotter, William (d.1675) m. Catherine Cuthbury Gibbs Something weird - possibly a typo Willis's index contains only the Gibbs- Trotter couple, on p.72

    07/08/2012 04:20:28