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    1. [DRAKE-ENG-USA] Lee Raper Drake - buried New Carlisle Cemetery, Clark Co., Ohio
    2. Janet
    3. I recalled that my Grandfather Drake - on subject line - had an ancestral line that intermarried with surname Joyner, e.g. Fred B. Joyner, born 16 April, 1895 (OH?), died 23 April 1965, OH?) married Mae Drake. Does anyone show this couple? Unfortunately, the Drake line entered in my PAF shows only the following references to a Drake- Joyner coupling - and I've absolutely no dates or information about the Joyner line/s. Joyner, Fred B. m. Drake Mae Joyner, Frederick C. May 7, 1955-n.d. child of Lee Drake Joyner Joyner, Lee Drake b. April 2, 1932 - m. Janet M. Combs Joyner, Thomas Edward b. Oct, 25, 1925 m. Olive C. Downs Joyner, Thomas W. b. Oct. 12, 1956 m. S.. Rachelle Hablo That's all of the information I have for the Joyners. Thank you for looking. Janet McCrosky

    06/21/2012 09:52:08