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    1. [DOWRICK] Cornish Dowricks
    2. Sarah Tilley
    3. Hi folks, I thought it was time I joined you :) My great grandmother was one Florence DOWRICK who was born in Gorran in Cornwall to Frederic(k) Thomas DOWRICK and Polly GROSE. Thanks to some ingenious work done by other people, in particular David Trounce in Canada, I have managed to tie my family in nicely with some Cornish DOWRICKS. David has a nice web page which has a list of people living in Veryan from 1683-1900, taken from church indices and census returns: ( >From this I know my family runs backs as follows (although I haven't personally double checked this information): Frederic(k) Thomas DOWRICK (1863/4-?) was the son of Thomas DOWRICK and Harriet BLAMEY. Thomas DOWRICK (1830-?) was the son of Nathaniel DOWRICK and Margaret (Peggy) BLAMEY. (Yes, I've plotted the family tree and we have some interesting intermingling between these two families) Nathaniel DOWRICK (1794-1832) was the son of James DOWRICK (~1751/61-1841) and Thomasine CLARK (1761/2-1844). Looking forward to seeing if we're connected! All the best Sarah

    05/16/2002 10:44:58