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    1. [DOWRICK] A DOWRICK in Ulverston
    2. Peter Brooks
    3. Came across this one - looks like her maiden name was REPTON. Regards, Peter ------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Source: [email protected] Subject: [ULV:] Mentioned in will of Ann Elizabeth HODGSON of Ulverston. The following folks got a mention in the will of Ann Elizabeth HODGSON of Ulverston. The original will was made on 11 October 1912 She appointed "my friend George COWARD of Ulverston, Cooperative Society's Secretary and my sister Ada VICKERS of Ulverston, wife of John William VICKERS of Ulverston" as trustees and executors. She made bequests to "my sister Hannah STOWELL", "my sister Mary HEYES", "my sister Ada VICKERS", "for all my brothers and sisters Frank REPTON, Hannah STOWELL, Mary HEYES, Samuel REPTON, Emma DOWRICK and Ada VICKERS" Also to "the children or child then living and who shall then have attained or shall thereafter attain the age of twenty one yeears of my late brother James REPTON" The will was witnessed by James MARTIN, Solicitor, Ulverston and Herbert SMITH, clerk to MARTIN & ATKINSON, Solicitors, Ulverston. Probate was granted on 2 February 1914 (Ann Elizabeth of 18 Hart Street, Ulvesrton, having died on 6 January 1914) to George COWARD of 20 Clarence Street, Ulverston and Ada VICKERS of 8 Ainslie Street, Ulverston (wife of John William VICKERS). Probate was extracted by MARTIN & ATKINSON, solicitors, Ulverston. Still more to come. John Clayton -- Researching Clayton, Hodgson, Benson (and possibly a few more!)

    04/27/2003 01:36:12