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    2. Peter Brooks
    3. Hello all, I would imagine that many of you are members of the Cornwall Family History Society, but in case anyone isn't.. The CFHS Journal for September has an article titled 'Calling all Genealogists and Family Historians' on Page 16. The writers, Benard Deacon and Sharron P Schwartz, are working on a funded research project looking at migration patterns from three occupationally contrasting communities. A DOWRICK family is one of two examples given of he puzzles they face: <quote> And what happened to Edward and James DOWRICK born in Cornelly in about 1847 and 1848 respectively, the sons of farmer John DOWRICK and his wife Jane, and grandsons of Richard DOWRICK, aged 68 [in 1851], the innkeeper at the Gregor Arms in Cornelly? In 1861 John and Jane had moved with their family of 4 children to live at John Street, Kenwyn, where John worked as a carrier. Edward had become a blacksmith and James was still at school. In 1871 the family had migrated further west to Phillack where Jane DOWRICK turns up as Head of Household aged 60. She is not noted as widowed, so where was her husband John? Edward is enumerated as a 23-year old blacksmith, but James is also not present. Had he died or migrated, maybe with his father? By 1881 Edward who would have been 33 had also vanished. He possessed skills that would have enabled him to migrate overseas, especially to mining areas where blacksmiths were in demand. Did he migrate? Any information that you might be able to share with us will enhance what we can glean about the lives of our cohort from the data we have. Your help would be very much appreciated in making sense of the lives of ordinairy people who live through a century of great social and economic change. <end quote> I think Edward and James are Edward bpt 1 Jan 1846 at Cornelly, and James Lyne DOWRICK bpt 1 Apr 1848 at Cornelly. John, Jane and son Edward (a railway labourer) appear to still be in Phillack in the 1881 census. I can't find James though. Can anyone shed any further light on these DOWRICKs? Thanks Peter

    09/09/2005 01:09:27