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    3. Hello List, there is a Thomas DOWRICK at the very end of this item. ------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Source: [email protected] Subject: [CON] PRISONERS OF NAPOLEON IN 1811 I HOPE THE FOLLOWING WILL HELP SOME OF YOU BREAK DOWN A BRICK WALL The Source for this list is an article by Cyril Noall which appeared in the Autumn 1962 edition of Old Cornwall. GeorgeP LIST OF CORNISH PRISONERS OF NAPOLEON IN 1811 This list of Cornish prisoners held in Napoleon's prison camps makes very interesting reading today. Most Cornish towns, and a great many parishes, are represented; but the preponderance of names comes from the seaports of the county, indicating clearly that most of those taken were sailors, the great majority, no doubt, being from the merchant service. It should be noted that this list contains only the names of those men who were actually being held as prisoners in 1811. Many detainees had 'been released earlier, or had died in prison, and of course quite a number were taken subsequently to that date, up to the conclusion of the peace in .1814. The total number of Cornishmen held as prisoners in France at various times during the whole of the Napoleonic War period must, therefore, have been much greater than is actually shown here. The Cornish prisoners were impounded at nine depots in France, these being at (A) Arras, (Be.)Besancon, (Bi.) Bitche, (Br.) Briancon, (C.) Cambray, (G.) Givet, (S.L.) Sarre Libre, (Va.) Valenciennes and (Ve.) Verdun. ANT0NY: (Be.) Geo. Sweet. (G.) George Rubbage, William Wilson. (Va.) Richard Wardon. BODMIN:(Be.) Reg. Blyth, Rd. Kimberley. (S.L.) Thomas Rawling, John Bailly. BREAGE. (Bi.) Edw. Carter. BUDE. (S.L.) Thomas Cooke. CADGWITH: (Be.) Richard Harris, Charles Harris. CALSTOCk (G.) Thomas Gray. CAMELFORD: (Be.) Thos. Bond, Richard Bond. (C.) John Smith. CONSTANTINE: (Be.) James Roberts, Henry Pollard. CORNWALL: (Exact place of abode not given), (Be.) Frances Pin, (Br.) Jas. Gills, Win. Harris, Rd. Gay. (Ve.) William Sincock, John Trannack. CRAFTHOLE: (A.) Jonathan Williams. CROWAN: (Be.) Zac. Pascow. CROWLES: (G.) John Ching. FALMOUTH: (A.) Geo. Webber, John Stephens, Henry Bath, James Warn, Henry Cameron, William Faulkener, Robert Lugg, Win. Smith. (Be.) Henry Thomas, Robert Macdonald, Henry Mitchell, John Saul, John Nichols, Win. Roskelly, Win. Downing. (Bi.) John Odgers, Ebenezer Holman. (Br.) Rd. Artwell. (C.) Samuel Slaten, Edward Kidman, Henry Downing, John Davey, Charles Foote. (G.) William Elliott, John Brown, Philip Corrin, William Racker. (S.L.) Charles Trump, Samuel Shorten, William Cock, Joseph Job. FOWEY: (A.) Richard Pill, James Hooper, Joseph Woolcock. (C.) Win. Williams, Richard Collings, Jas. Barnes. (Si.) John Hambly, William Roach, John Giles. GERRANCE: (C.) Thos. Vigurs, William Vigurs, James Saul. GULVAL: (G.) Henry Davy. GWINEAR: (G.) Thomas Stevens, William Gluyas. (S.L.) Philip Hopkins. HAYLE: (A.) John Goodman. (C.) John Philips. (S.L.) David Harvy, James Vivian. HELSTON: (C.) William Evans. (G.) William Row. LANDULPH: (Be.) Rd. Turner. LANTEGLOS: (G.) Christopher Coombs. LAUNCESTON: (A.) Thomas Pearn, Joseph Vosper. (S.L.) George Kitto. LELANT: (G.) Francis Hawes, Richard Dunn. LISKEARD: (Va.) William Rowe, John Rawlins. LIZARD: (Br.) John Keys. (G.) John Bree. LOSTWITHIEL: (Bi.) Win. Johnson. LUDGVAN; (Be.) Jos.Turen, Jos. Sims. (G.) Henry Blight, Peter Carbis, George Trewren, Thomas Trownsen, John Williams (S.L.) John Hosking. MADRON: (G.) William Morris. MARAZION: (C.) Sampson Mills.(S.L.) Philip Hitchens, Henry Treloar. (Va.) William Millett, John Keltor. MERIZZY: (G.) James Blarney. MEVAGISSEY: (A.) Win. Smith, Jas. Smith, John Robbins. (C.) Andrew Lee, Geo. Bowden, John Henwood, John Hennah, Richard Julian, Samuel Drew. (Va.) Richard Davis. MILBR00K: (Be.) Robt. Carpenter. (S.L.) James Hobbs. MOUNT: (C.) John Ninnes. (G.) John Dusting, George Miller. MOUNT'S BAY: (Br.) Stephen Potter. NEWLYN: (C.) Chas. Simons. (S.L.) Thomas Gilbert, Richard Rogers, Henry Silivan. NORTHILL: (S.L.) Edward Coombs. PADSTOW: (A.) William Doctor (?), Nicholas Brewer, Joseph White, David Williams. (Be.) Thos. Bishop, Henry Masters. (C.) Robert Luke. (G.) Charles Phillips. PAUL: (G.) William Sleeman. PAULPERN: (Be.) John Jasper, Thos. Hoyle, Ceo. Dobson, Win. Sean, John Mark, Richard Batten. PENRYN: (Be.) Robt. Hart, Win. Goss, Win. Broadmead. (C.) James Murrow, Dan Codder, Philip Jones, David Davies. (G.) James Dowling. (Va.) Thomas Teackcoinbe. PENSET: (Br.) Jas. Draper. PENZANCE: (A.) Win. Sherrest, John Gundry. (Br.) Win. Ellis, Thos. Moore Ellis, Thos Perryman, Alex Henderson. (C.) Stephen Townsend, Thomas Baker, Jacob Levy, Charles Worth. (G.) John Ellis, Francis Shephard, Samuel Thomas. (S.L.) William Hole. (Va.) John Wallis, Martin Wallis. PERRANUTHNOE: (C.) William Simmons, Francis Gundry, Alexander Row, William Rodda, Joseph Thomas, POLPERRO: (C.) Reg. Barrett, Robt. Broughton, John Rowatt, Walter Coath, John Rowe, Thos. Venton, Sam Yeo, John Quiller, John Jesper (1st), John Jesper (2nd), Wm. Mallett. (S.L.) Thomas Bartlett, Samuel Sargent, Peter Bennet, John Clements, John Jasper, Giles Bunt, Zebeda Menards, John Perry, James Puckey, William Menards, William Puckey, Richard Foward, Richard Barrett, John Pascoe, John Williams. POUNDSTOCK: (G.) Humphries Torn. RAME: (G.) John Treleaven. (Va.) Peter Sprittle. REDRUTH (Hi.) John Thomas. (S.L.) Richard Roberts. RUAN: (C.) Geo. Lobb, John Rowe. SALTASH: (Be.) Geo. Clowen. (S.L.) Samuel Jones, Peter Taylor. SCILLY: (A.) Henry Ashford. (Br.) Thos. Rease, Eras. Tregarthen. (C.) James Brower, Thomas Warren, James Fox, James Pearce, Richard Sean, William Manners, Mat. Rich, James Nantz. SENNEN: (S.L.) Thomas Chaple. SHEVIOCK: (Be.) Win. Parsons. ST. AGNES: (Be.) Jas. Thomas. (S.L.) John Hankings. ST. ALLEN: (Va.) Isaac Lambsheer. ST. AUSTELL: (A.) John Trethewy, Harry Paul. (Be.) Samuel Rutter, Jos. Wheeler. (G.) Joseph Selby. ST. BURYAN: (C.) Win. Came. (S.L.) John Simons. ST. CLEAR: (Be.) Win. Stanton. (S.L.) Ruby Odgers. ST. IVES: (Br.) Isaac Thomas. (C.) Ismael HorsĀ­born. (G.) James Sincock, John Short, Thomas Williams, Thomas Cogger, James Sampson. ST. JOHN'S: (G.) Thomas Jago, John Hunn. ST. JUST: (Be.) Thos. Bonitta. (G.) James Hard, Thomas Ebbett, ST. MARTINS: (C.) John Johns, Henry Johns, St. MAWES: (C.) Richard Dunn, William Thomas, John Lowrey, Thomas White, William Fowler, ST. TUDY: (Be.) John Jones (?). STITHIANS: (G.) Thomas Collins. STRATTON: (Be.) James Hales. TORPOINT: (Be.) Robert Cundy, Edw. Jones. (C.) Thomas Walker. TRURO: (A.) Henry Sundry. (Hi.) Richard Beck. (Br.) John Morris, Robt. Tuckerman. (C.) William Jones. (G.) John Morton, Edward Row. (S.L.) William West, Thomas Harris. VERYAN: (G.) Thomas Dowrick.

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