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    2. Peter Brooks
    3. Hi Maureen, I've had a look at the 1891 census and the writing of the surname is very poor... could you confirm that you know that this persons surname was actually DOWRICK (maybe from some other source)? I don't always trust Ancestrys interpretation of the writing :-) In 1891 this individuals trade was 'Blast Furnace Man' (working in an iron works in other words). DOWRICK is very much a west country name. Have you found this individual in the 1881 census (where he might be with his parents if aged around 10)? Just had a quick look at the 1881 census for Scotland, no Peter DOWRICK but there is a DARROCH and a DORACHIE. This is the other possibility of course - that the enumerator wrote what he heard - a thick Scots accent saying DARROCH could easily sound like DOWRICK. Anybody else got any ideas? Regards Peter Hello I am looking for information about a Peter Dowrick on the 1891 English Census Cumberlain Whitehaven England. He was born about 1871 and he was from Scotland. He was living with a Patrick Walls from ireland. They were in the mines in Whiehaven. he was a boarder with Patrick Walls. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Maureen

    01/21/2009 02:20:22