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    1. Rootsweb Mailing Lists are being updated
    2. Peter Brooks
    3. Hello all - Rootsweb are migrating the email lists to a new system - this is unlikely to affect anyone, but here is the official notification from them: <quote> Your current subscription(s) will automatically transfer to the new system so there will be no need to re-subscribe to your list(s), however, because the sending and receiving of list email will be handled by a new system, you may notice a few changes to your list(s). Digest subscribers will notice a small difference in the layout, volume and issue numbers of the list digests. The "-L" is being dropped from the "official" list name. This means the "from" address your mailing list emails come from will be slightly different- vs. the current You may have to adjust your spam filters or put the new address on your "accept" list to prevent it from being caught in your "junk" folder. This sounds like a big change, but it doesn't have to change the way you use the list. Here's why: - You will still be able to send messages to the list using the "" email address you use today. Additionally, you can choose to drop the "-L" and send your messages to Both addresses will work after the list has been migrated. - You will still be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to the mail or digest mode by sending your request to or as you do today. You will also be able to unsubscribe from the mail or digest mode by sending your "unsubscribe" message to <endquote> Thanks Peter

    08/15/2006 12:58:20