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    1. [DOWRICK] J Dowrick, miner, Ireland
    2. Peter Brooks
    3. Just found a reference to a J. DOWRICK working as a miner in 1855 at the Irish Consols Mine at Spanish Cove, Co Cork, Ireland. (after googling I think this may be somewhere around Crookhaven, near the end of the Mizen peninsula). This is in a book 'The Metal Mines of West Cork' by Diane Hodnett (ISBN 978 0 904 040 838). J DOWRICK had a correspondence with William Walker, engineer, that starts with the former complaining about the extravagance of the house built to house the stamps (the machinery for crushing ore). Cornish miners were highly mobile, often emigrating from their native county (or country) to find work in other mines. I don't have this book - in fact I was just leafing through it in a bookshop, so can tell you nothing more. Cheers Peter

    10/15/2010 09:55:09