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    1. [DVHH] Farwell and join us at Groups.IO
    2. Darlene (Admin)
    3. The official closing for the Rootsweb mailing lists is tomorrow, March 2, 2020. To members, this is your last chance to post a message to the Rootsweb DVHH Mailing List, which has been hosted here for 17 years. This message is also for those who find these archives in the future and would like to join us at our new home at ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the ROADMAP to our new home. See you on the new list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To JOIN, send a blank email message to: See the ARCHIVES at: ROOTSWEB ARCHIVES may be found at: FAREWELL and THANK YOU to Rootsweb and their staff for hosting our mailing list since 2003. Darlene Dimitrie DVHH List Administrator [EDITED March 1, 2020]

    03/01/2020 10:13:36