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    2. Lena Carlson
    3. Just a note to welcome my 2 new subscribers to the Doke mailing list. There's not a whole lot of action going on so far but I'd like to get a roll call. Let's share what Doke names we have and see if we can find a link between us! My Doke's are: Walter Dewey Doke, born about 1892 in Polk County, Iowa. He died sometime after 1958 and as of 1958, he had moved to West Plains, Missouri. Everett Leroy Doke, born 7/13/1913 in Polk County, Iowa. He married Sarah Elizabeth Platt in 1933 in Fountain County, Indiana. He died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Jasper County, Indiana on May 31, 1958. Everett's wife Sarah was my great grandfather's sister and she just passed away 2 years ago last month, out living her husband by 42 years. Again, welcome to the list, I hope we'll be able to help each other out! Thanks for joining, Lena __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send FREE Valentine eCards with Yahoo! Greetings!

    02/08/2002 02:37:27