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    1. [DEVOE] George DeVoe
    2. Duane DeVoe
    3. Hi Jessica, I really appreach your help! I will pass on data RE: George's children, when I return to Lena in about a week and a half visiting dau. and son-in-law here in Hartford, CT. I gave you his b. year or full birth date and I have his marr. date to Elizabeth Kinney in Cayuga Co.NY. I also have birth dates for 11 children and their spouces and have brought some lines to present, all data back in Lena. Problem, no parents',data or sibs. I have looked at Cayuga Co. sites but, like I said, the data does not go back far enough! wants me to join but I don't think Ancestry has the answers either. I hope I have not confused or discouraged you in your goals, Duane

    04/09/2009 01:20:28