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    1. Re: [DEVOE] Deveau / DeVoe /Deveaux
    2. Jessica Armstrong
    3. I looked through my copy of the DeVeaux Genealogy and could not find a George b 1806, but there are like 25 George's in the book. The story is that two brothers, sons of Thomas, Elijah and Benjamin came to Owasco. There is also an Abraham Devoe (1810 census) 1820 there is only Elijah and Levi (son of Elijah) listed (even though I know there are more families (mine)) Good chance he belongs to one of those... I am still reasearching DeVoes in Cayuga County to try and bring Thomas F's book up to the present (without divulging information about those still living). If I come across anything, I will let you know. Oh! I did find a will mention for Abraham Devoe that lists a George as a son. I will send you that later. Jessica

    04/03/2009 05:16:43