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    1. [DEKENT] Re: DEKENT Digest, Vol 13, Issue 1
    2. patclare
    3. Thank you, Susan.  I administer about 6 lists, and I will not put up with FACEBOOK filling my mailbox with all the extra things they do if you are a member. I will not be using Facebook.  I think it has been handed back to the individual to be in charge of their own material now that most of the lists have gone away. I will be recommending the free registration at Ancestry so people can at least post to message boards under surnames. Pat Harris Isaac Mason m Parthenia Hall Kent on Delaware 24 Nov 1774 family In a message dated 1/10/2020 4:11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes: Send DEKENT mailing list submissions to [email protected]********************************

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