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    1. [Cyprus] CYPRUS 1880 AND NOW
    2. Paul Parker
    3. It is hard to imagine the uncertainty that prevails in Cyprus now, and we are thinking of your country. I am hopeful someone might be able to help me with regard to what our Bromley ancestors were doing in Cyprus in 1880-1882. Amy Rose Bromley was apparently born in Larnaca in 1880, and John William Bromley in Larnaca in June 1882 (we have an extract of his certificate) to British citizens John and Jane Amelia Bromley. With the protectorate having just been established it seems that Bromley may have been with the British government; however all other indications are that he was a trader or importer to Britain of oriental wares, who later lived in China or Japan. Was there a census in that period, or any other source of information that anyone can suggest might possibly be helpful in learning what John Bromley's (the father)'s business was? Kind regards, Paul Parker, Auckland NZ

    03/29/2013 02:14:30