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    1. [CUPP] William Harvey Cupp and other Cupp children in 1860/ Preston Co., VA/WV
    2. JoAnn
    3. I am descended from William H. Cupp born 6 Dec 1853 (per death certificate) in Preston Co., VA. He is living in the family know that because Roy Lockhart found a notice in theof James M. Carroll in 1860. He ran away from that home 3 Oct 1868.Below I am listing the CUPP children who are in the 1860 census for Preston County but not in a Cupp family. Can anyone tell me anything about these children? I looked at the 1850 Preston Co., VA census and found only one child living with another family. They could be grandparents or relatives so if you are familiar with these families, please let me know. JoAnn Cupp Grass Valley, CA [email protected] In the 1860 Preston Co., Va Census I found 5 childern between the ages of 7 and 13 who are not living with CUPP families. Here are the details: In 1860 Muddy Creek there are 2 Cupp children in other families: Caroline CUPP age 13 in the family of John Jenkins (age 57) Isaac N. Cupp age 13 in the family of William N. Smith (age 62) In 1860 Brandonville there are 2 Cupp children in other families: Anne Cupp age 7 in the family of William M. Guthrie Mary E. Cupp age 10 in the family of George Rischel (age 53) She married Andrew J. Spindler and her descendants are still searching for her parents. In 1860 Masontown there is my great grandfather: William Cupp age 7 in family of James M. Carroll who is not a relative as far as I know. He married Anna Hannigan born in Preston Co and living in Barbour Co. with her parents Thomas and Mary Everett Hannigan at the time of their wedding in 1873. In 1850 in Preston County I found one girl: Clola Cupp age 12 born VA living with Christian Core age 63 born in MD and Mary Lewis age 52 born VA

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