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    3. I am moving so have run across some information that might help some of you. None are related to me. From "Family History of James and Anne McCort 1760-1921 "Cushman Crouse was born April 7, 1893, married and lives on a farm in South Dakota, and has one child. From First Supplement to McCort History (Revised, Corrections and Additions to April 1, 1923 Frank C. Crouse and Julia Mae Esque were married Feb. 18, 1918. A son Stanley James (Crouse) was born Dec. 24, 1918, A daughter, Hazel Elizabeth (Crouse was born Oct. 28, 1921, A second daughter Anna Ellen (cruse) was born Dec. 21, 1922. they reside near Carpenter, South Dakota. Working for God on earth does not pay much, but His Retirement plan is terrific!

    09/28/2013 09:06:20