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    1. [Cress] FW: Virus ps on it/JFYI
    2. Nena Smothers
    3. Nena Smothers NE WA Smothers Tribe DNA Project Admin 2002-2014 [email protected] Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 09:40:14 -0500 From: [email protected] Subject: Virus I have heard about a new virus that encrypts your computer, your backups, everything even backups in the cloud. You will be given 96 hours to send the authors $400 after that you will have lost everything. The virus comes in an email purportedly from either UPS or Fedx (I am not sure which) that says you have a pavkage to be picked up - do not open it. My sources are the computer expert I use to solve my problems and a friend who is also a verycompetent computer user. I have another friend who caught the virus. One defense is to backup then unplug the back up. Sam Ashby Reid

    02/05/2014 10:20:55