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    1. [Cress] JFYI/Message from I2a:FTDNA sale, Big Y, and our recommendations
    2. Nena Smothers
    3. Message is from your I hap group admin but pertains to everyone can order any of these tests. PLEASe notice on the previous note on the sale I sent, I later noticed the upgrade from 67-111 was not correct, but it is correct below, please take note and I still highly recommend anyone that has done the 67 test should take this advantage to now order the 111, it prob won't get much cheaper than 109. for awhile this is really a great sale, probably one of the best there is and you will definitely get so much better results for the 111 marker test. Also really the 37-67 upgrade is a great guy too for anyone who has 37 suggest to take advantage of this very low price to upgrade to 67 as you will get better results. Its just 79 bucks Let me now so I can send the link to order or you can log into yr personal pg and order the upgrade from 67-111, it will be right there on yr personal pg and can be done very simply........any problems at all please get ahold of myself or our co admin Dave Dowell Again anyone that can donate to our fund which is 0$ please go to the link even 5 bucks is helpful and much appreciated allot! and you will be helping someone who wants to order but is short on funds Nena Smothers NE WA Smothers Tribe DNA Project Admin 2002-2013 [email protected] Dave Dowell co admin Dave dna Dowell E-mail Address(es): [email protected] Link to contribute to test kits for Smothers Tribe DNA project From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:02:49 -0600 Subject: Message from I2a:FTDNA sale, Big Y, and our recommendations Dear I2a Project members: FTDNA has begun its end-of-year discount sale. Most upgrades and new kits have temporarily dropped in price, if payment is made by December 31. FTDNA has also announced a Big Y test for $695, discounted to $495 if ordered and paid for by December 1st. Our current recommendations are: The I2a1b (I-L160) group (part of "Sardinian") should order the Genographic 2.0 test, or some individual SNPs starting with PF4088. The Genographic 2.0 test is also discounted for a limited time, now $159.95, usually $199.95 People in the I-Z106 group (part of I2a1b Sardinian) should consider ordering Big Y. People in the I2a2 (I-L621 or I-CTS5966) "Dinaric-N" and "Dinaric-S" group should consider ordering the Big Y. People in the I2a2b (I-L161) "Isles-A" group should order PF4135. People in the I2a3 (I-L233) "Western" group should consider ordering the Big Y. Everyone is welcome to order Big Y, but it will be most useful if there are related Big Y results to compare to your own results. People in active surname projects might want to order Big Y for several related people to sort out the different branches of the family. Or you may wish to contact other people in your subhaplogroup (M26-"France" or Isles-C for example) and arrange for multiple tests. In many cases, upgrading to 67 or 111 markers would be very helpful to our project. Below you can find more details about the sale, Big Y, and how to order these tests. Bernie Cullen [email protected] Bill Morrow [email protected] volunteer administrators I2a Project (Part of this information was adapted from an announcement by the Polish DNA Project). For upgrades to existing kits Log into your account, then click on Order An Upgrade, then click on Order Special Offers Y-Refine12to37, $69 Y-Refine12to67, $148 Y-Refine25to37, $35 Y-Refine25to67, $114 Y-Refine37to67, $79<<<<< Y-Refine37to111, $188 Y-Refine67to111, $109 <<<<<<<<<<<<< mtHVR1toMega, $149 mtHVR2toMega, $139 mtFullSequence, $169 Family Finder + mtFullSequence, $268 Autosomal DNA Transfer, $49 Family Finder is not discounted in price, but is advertised to include a $100 gift card to (which costs $40 on the web site). I suspect that this gift card is only sent to Americans, because only advertises American restaurants. To order SNPs like PF4135 and PF4088 the cost is $39 each. The easiest way to order is to make a donation of $39 to the general fund (and include your name), then email us and we will order it for you. Or contact us for instructions on how to order these SNPs yourself. The Genographic 2.0 test must be ordered directly from their website: The cost is currently $159.95 with free shipping in the US, $10 to Canada, and $20 to most countries in Europe and to Australia. Once you have Geno 2.0 results you will be able to add them to your existing FTDNA account. FTDNA is also offering a substantial but temporary discount on its new Big Y test: only $495 now, but $695 starting December 1. This next-generation Y-DNA test examines at least 10 million locations on the Ychromosome, looking for reliable SNPs suitable for ancestry and genealogy. One projection is that it will find roughly 1 SNP for every 125 years of history. Big Y was announced at FTDNA’s yearly conference, which took place last weekend, and immediately became available for order. Here are two blog posts about the announcement and the test itself: DNA-Explained Cruwys My understanding is that this product should be the last Y-DNA test you will ever need. As I see it, the Big Y test has three primary purposes: To determine your clade’s relationship with nearby clades in the haplotree. For example: If at least one member of I2a1, I2a2, I2a3, I2a4 and I2a5 orders Big Y, we can compare results and draw a tree to reconstruct the history of how these five groups diverged thousands of years ago. To determine the relationship of your own patrilineage with others in your clade. For example: three people in I2a3 (I-L233) have already ordered Big Y. When we compare the results we will see that two of them are more closely related to each other, and the third is more distant. The Big Y will give dozens of new SNPs for each person, but when we compare several results from a clade we will see that one or two SNPs are very important, and then other people can test these SNPs individually instead of ordering Big Y. To estimate TMRCAs better than STRs (markers) can. The long list of SNPs (known and unknown) found by Big Y should be interpretable as a time estimator. At this point we have the following orders for Big Y: I2a1b (I-L160) I-Z106 subgroup: one order I2a2 (I-L621 or I-CTS5966) "Dinaric": four orders I2a2b "Isles-B3" one order I2a2b "Isles-D2" two orders I2a3 (I-L233) "Western" three orders One Big Y test by itself is not so interesting because we won't know which SNPs are ancient and which are recent. The more Big Y results we have for a group like Dinaric, the more we will learn. Again: The Big Y sale price of $495 ends November 30 (or perhaps December 1), after which it will cost $695.

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