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    1. [Cress] July 4th is DYS464 Day
    2. Nena Smothers
    3. Nena Smothers NE WA Smothers Tribe DNA Project Admin 2002-2014 [email protected] Link to contribute to test kits for Smothers Tribe DNA project From: [email protected] Subject: RE: July 4th is DYS464 Day Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 13:17:05 +1000 for those who might be interested in additional testingthis is the Krahn lab BobDNA Projects I2b L415, I2c L596 HG & Tyler Surname and ISOGG YTree //////////// Dear YSEQ customer, The 4th of July 1776 has changed the American history. The people didn't want to be ruled by what was then considered as the "evil empire", so they made an important step forward and took their lives under their own control. Empires come and go. When structures of power are too entangled, it sometimes needs a courageous leader who steps away from crusted structures and starts a small revolution. The current situation in genetic genealogy is similar. There is only one big provider who holds almost the complete genealogical Y-STR database in his hands. So far there is nothing wrong with this, as long as the data is accessible for the genealogists who need it. However since there is no competition, the big provider has become lazy with further developments and with fixing long term mistakes in the STR database. Implementing micro-alleles in the database or adding some simple rules that consider palindromic recombination events should be a minimum standard for an informative Y-STR database. In fact a significant increase of mistakes has been reported by customers during the last year that mainly involve micro-alleles, null alleles and palindromic Y-STR markers. This is where we need to take action now! DYS464 is the biggest hotspot of errors in Y-STR databases. It's time to clean out the DYS464 mistakes from your projects. DYS464 has normally 4 alleles, but sometimes there are 8 or up to 12 alleles at this palindromic marker. Therefore YSEQ has a special offer from July 4th to July 12th where you can order DYS464X for $9.95, the price of a normal STR marker! This is not only the unsorted alleles, but we also report the L464 SNP status of each STR allele which is important in R1b. And that's even not all, you also get the DYF399X marker for FREE in the XTD panel! This is a very fast mutating 3 copy Y-STR marker that you can use to work out closely related haplotypes in your project and it also makes it easier to recognize and explain duplications and deletions in the palindromic region due to the asymmetric structure of this DYF399 marker. This is your opportunity as a project administrator to mobilize your project participants to get this informative double pack of DYS464X and DYF399X at the price of a breakfast in a coffee shop! Really, everybody should be able to afford this. Here is the direct link to the XTD panel: YSEQ-XTD Panel Sale Contains DYS464X and DYF399X Only $9.95 (instead of $25) Only from July 4th to July 12th Declare your independence from clumsy DYS464 results. Let your DYS464 get analyzed by the inventors of the DYS464X test! And if you have already your sample at YSEQ, don't forget to use the coupon code IDONTNEEDAKIT ! Thank you very much for your continued support! Astrid Krahn

    07/04/2014 05:54:09