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    1. [CoTyIre] Rootsweb closing mail list - Where to find us now!
    2. Tammy Mitchell Mowat
    3. Hello Listers, It is said that this could be the last day of Rootsweb lists. I'm stopping in to remind anyone interested, that our group is now running the mail list at This mail list has been active for some time, so you will also have a wealth of information in the archives, via search. Created and run by the Teena the creator of the Original County Tyrone Ireland Rootsweb website, and myself, Tammy, who has been webmastering for them since 2007. While the name of the new mail list includes wording of ulsterancestry, we are still the same group of passionate people, with the same goal of assisting people with their genealogical research for Co. Tyrone. We have expanded however to include all of Ulster Ireland. We have a great team of professionals on our mail list and facebook page. You can join our new mail list by going to this link. (you might have to copy and paste the url into your browser, if you can't click on it) From that page you can also search the old, (yes this) mail list archives, for as long as rootsweb allows. We also have a new guestboook, and have saved the old entries from the rootsweb guestbook. Access those here Please visit our new and updated website at <> and our Facebook group page at Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Hope to see you on the new list.

    03/01/2020 01:12:26