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    2. Ken Ozanne
    3. Kay, I have some information about Thomas in Camborne. If you care to tell me what you have I may be able to help. Are your Manuells from Camborne? I have Camborne records, not Kenwyn (or at least only some). Be warned that my response may be slow - I'm travelling for the next few months and my contact to the net may be sporadic. But I will be at CRO by June and thus in as good a position as there is to help with Cornish stuff. I'll also be on the net there and at least some places in between. Best, Ken > Message: 6 > Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 16:08:45 +1100 > From: "rkherron1" <> > Subject: Re: [CORNWALL-AUSTRALIA] No messages > To: "Petal & Clea Smith" <>, > <> > Message-ID: <5D7DE22E175A4232A32136733D3DE67B@kays> > Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed; charset="iso-8859-1"; > reply-type=original > > Hi, I too have not heard anything for ages. I am descended from Thomas' and > Manuells of Camborne and Kenwyn, and Carbis and Symonds families of > Penzance. The OPR's have been really helpful in tracing ancestors but > Cornish Miners in Mexico are very difficult to trace. Even with shipping > lists to Australia for the Thomas family I have drawn blanks. > Cheers, Kay > Herron

    02/18/2010 05:31:58