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    1. [Cook-Islands] RARATONGA
    2. Hello: Happy to have found this group. My husband's grandmother's sister was a Sister of St. Joseph of Cluny. Her name was Rose Pillion {Sr.Kieran Pillion} . She died on Raratonga in 1921 after being a teacher there for 14 years. A memorial was erected by her students after she died and when I wrote to the order, they sent me books and they went out to the cemetery and took a picture of the memorial stone. Sr. Kieran was from Ferbane, County Offaly, Ireland. We have always wanted to get out to Raratonga. What a story this would make if she had left a diary of her experiences. Nice to know that she was remembered. She never was able. to return to Ireland. She was sent briefly to a larger island {can't remember which one} to seek medical assistance for a heart condition but she died shortly after returning to Raratonga. JUDY and PHIL CRONAN **************Wondering what's for Dinner Tonight? Get new twists on family favorites at AOL Food. (

    05/15/2008 02:19:24