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    1. [COOK-CO-IL] OPPENHEIM - HENLEIN Family Photographs
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" two old photographs belonging to this family. The first is one of Julia OPPENHEIM HENLEIN which was taken at the Stafford Studio in Chicago, IL. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's with Julia appearing to be in her 40's at the time it was taken. In addition to her name someone has written "1st sister of Lena LEVY". The second photograph is one of Rose HENLEIN MEYER and was taken at the J. K. Stevens & Son Co. in Chicago, IL and is dated 1895. A notes suggests that the baby in the photograph might be one of Rose's sons, either Don? or Adrian? Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding this family: Julia (Julchen) OPPENHEIM was b. 1850 in Aschaffenburg, Germany to parents Benjamin OPPENHEIM (1837-1918) and Rosa JAFFA (b. 1830). Julia was one of four children born to this couple including, Julia; Rachel (Ruckchen); Lena; and Heinrich (Henry) OPPENHEIM all born between 1850 and 1857. Julia married Max (Marx) HENLINE or HENLEIN (b. 1843) and they had three children including, Rosa or Rose; Milton; and Minnie HENLEIN all born between 1876 and 1881. Julia died after 1927 in Chicago, IL. Rose HENLEIN (sometimes referenced in records as Rose M. GILLARD) was b. 1 Jan 1876 in New York. Rose married twice, first to Herman MEYER (1868-1931) and together they had three children including, Herman; Irvin; and Elsie MEYER, all born between 1896 and 1897. Her second marriage was to Michel MEYER (b. 1875) and they had three children including, Wallace F.; Joseph N.; and Margaret MEYER, all born between 1901 and 1906. Rose d. 24 May 1935 in Chicago, IL and is buried in the Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Chicago, IL. Her sister Lena OPPENHEIM was b. 20 Jun 1856 in Bebra, Germany and she married Abraham LEVY (1848-1929) and they had four children including, Rose; Julia (Boolie); Mata; and Louis LEVY, all born between 1872 and 1880. Lena died 10 Nov 1920 in Chicago, IL. I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photographs can be returned to their care. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    02/21/2020 06:46:55