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    1. [COMANCHE-SURNAMES] Martha Stembridge m. Willis D. Drury
    2. I am looking for the surname Drury who our oral history tell us were Comanche. Willis D. Drury m. Martha Stembridge Children of Willis D. Drury born 28 Jul 1848 Kentucky and Martha Steambridge born between 1861 to 1863 in Texas. Children are Mina Ann Drury born 20 Feb 1882 Elizabeth Francis Drury born 29 Jan 1884 Texas Willie Nathan Drury born 27 Nov 1888 Texas Susie Jane Drury born 30 Apr 1891 Stephenville, Erath, Texas Ettie Mae Drury born 30 Mar 1893 , Indian Territory, OK Ida Jim Drury born 17 Jun 1895 , Indian Territory, TX Lucy Drury born 19 Mar 1897 born Healdton, Carter, OK Mary Lee Drury 30 Jun 1899 Graham, Indian Territory, Carter, OK Johnue Floyd Drury born 15 Jul 1901 Gap, Comanche, TX Wailies Cornelius Drury born 7 Nov 1903 Gap, Comanche, TX Any information on this family would be appreciated. --------------------------------- It's here! Your new message! Get new email alerts with the free Yahoo! Toolbar.

    03/21/2007 01:15:24
    2. Ms.Keplin Schwick
    3. Hello All- My grandmother on my mother's side was from Ark. She was either Comanche or Cherokee. Could someone tell me this surname came from?

    06/29/2003 07:34:13
    2. Diane
    3. Was she just given away or adopted? You might start where she was born and what year she was born and who her real parents were ----- Original Message ----- From: "" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2002 7:59 PM Subject: Help My mother was a native american indian but never knew what tribe she was from. At a early age she was given away as a child. She lived all her life in Easton Maryland. There are so many tribes from there, I was looking at a diffrent web site and it's very difficult to know what is what. I have pictures of some of my relatives, and they definitly were Native Americans. They are not in traditional wear, but in Americanized clothing. What do I do? I want to teach my daughter about her Native American heritage as well as her African American heritage. But I an having trouble with this part. So far I think she was what you call "Metis". The areas and things she remembers family talking about are Cherokee and Pockohananans and possibly Sioux. Does that even sound close to what you would think. Can I have a DNA test doneon me and it will tell me what races I have in my blood. How do people get proof they are part Native American, it's obvious I don't need proof I am bl! ack. Help!!!!!!!!!! Tippy

    11/24/2002 01:41:12