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    1. [CO-CIVILWAR] Military research at the National Archives
    2. Kelley Bevis
    3. Hello. My name is Kelley -- I recently completed my Masters degree and am going to law school this fall here in Washington, D.C. School is expensive and I could use some extra money to pay for tuition and loans, so I am offering to do military research at the National Archives (service files, pension files, etc). Generally, a request for this kind of information takes the Archives several months, at a minimum, to process. I can retrieve them much faster and also give you someone to interact with instead of a government form. My fees are reasonable, intended to compensate me for my time, printing costs and postage for what I'll send back to you. The Archives offers extended hours once a month, so I would be doing research over the course of three days each month, and I am more than happy to send you a schedule. If you are interested, please just email me at Take care. Kelley

    01/20/2008 04:33:24
    1. CO-CIVILWAR List Administrator: please contact Rootsweb
    2. Andrew Billinghurst
    3. Hi, **This message is being sent to the CO-CIVILWAR mailing list.** The email address that RootsWeb has for the CO-CIVILWAR list admin is bouncing, so RootsWeb is looking to make contact with the list admin. Will the list admin please contact Andrew Billinghurst ( so that we know that you are still maintaining this list and please reply quoting this message. List members there is nothing for you to worry about and nothing for you to do, it is probably just an email problem for the person looking after the day-to-day management of this list. Rest assured that this does not mean that your list is in danger. Thanks! Andrew Billinghurst, RootsWeb Staff -- Andrew Billinghurst <> Adopt-a-mailing list -> #1 Source for Family History Online

    01/30/2006 03:43:00
    1. Military Research at the National Archives
    2. Kelley Bevis
    3. Hello. I'm a college grad student in Washington, DC. Recently, I have been doing some personal family research at the Archives, and realized that I could be doing this for people at a much quicker pace than the people at the Archives. Generally, a request received by the Archives takes several months, at a minimum, to be processed. So, being that grad school is expensive and I could use a little bit of help to pay some student loans, I am offering to do military research (service files, pension files, etc) at the Archives. The fee that I would be asking for would be reasonable, so as to compensate my time, printing costs and postage for what I will send you. If you are interested, please just email me at Take care. Kelley

    01/29/2006 04:12:47
    1. Ancestry Civil War databases FREE for Memorial Day
    2. Kathi
    3. Hi everyone I'm really excited to tell you that has opened up several of its military databases for no charge! In remembrance this Memorial Day, these databases are open (and free) from May 26 until June 10. These databases are free only when accessed through the PaCivilWar site at . Although hosted by a PA Civil War site, these databases give free access to the vets from all the states in the database. These aren't Free Trials and no credit card is needed. You may be asked to register with a user name and password to access the databases. The databases include: **FREE 1890 Census Veterans Schedule Often used as a head-of-household substitute for the 1890 Federal Census that was destroyed by fire, the Veterans' Census of Union and some Confederate soldiers is one of the newest census digitized by Ancestry. **FREE Civil War Pension Index Images of 2.5 million Federal pension application cards that includes the veteran's name, state, regiment. It also contains the certificate number that can be used to order a soldiers' service and pension records from NARA. Many times, these pension records are gold mines of genealogy information. **FREE Disabled Soldiers Home Soldiers at various National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in 1895. Information includes name of soldier, company or regiment, rank, length of service, birth, age, where admitted from, occupation, married or single, and more. This invitation is being offered only to PACivilWar visitors. The URL to get your free use of these military databases until June 10 is Follow the instructions on the page to register at as PACivilWar's guest, and have fun! If you want to share this invitation with friends, just forward this email to them, so they can take advantage of this limited time free access. If you think another mailing list or message board might want to know, please invite them, but be sure this message is on topic for the list before you forward it. Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War Enjoy! Kathi

    05/27/2005 04:19:02