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    1. Re: [CLOOZ] data input migration suggestion
    2. Gene Rice via
    3. I’d also very much like to see a csv import capability, but I’d like to suggest a different approach from what earlier conversations proposed – and I actually think it would give us a better capability sooner as a result. Clooz 4 is the developers’ priority, as it should be. Simply adding to their “to do” list by providing them our data import desires, and have them work those desires into a compatible form, not only increases their work load more than it needs to be, but it also pretty much guarantees a lot of back and forth as we repeatedly rework our proposed formats to take into account Clooz 4 data types, formats, and structures. I suggest we follow their lead instead.  At some point in time, maybe even already, they should have a Clooz 4 data dictionary or some other less formal descriptions of Clooz 4 data that tells us what they plan to include in Clooz 4, the data type (text, number, date, etc.), format (field length, date type, etc.), and structure (data validation tables, key fields, database tables, etc.).  Maybe even the Clooz 3 documentation is close enough to Clooz 4 and is available. If we can get this Clooz 4 information, we can then construct our spreadsheet import forms to closely match these data attributes, and structure the data using, for example, a tab for each database table, using the same key fields and data validation planned for Clooz 4.  Not only will this save the Clooz 4 developers a lot of effort, but it will also save a lot of rework effort on our part. In addition, we’ll have a great view into what documents/data Clooz 4 is planned to have and, as a separate task, we can provide feedback to the developers on additions/changes they may want, or even need, to consider. I apologize if I'm preaching to the choir on this, but it didn't look like this approach was being considered.  Thoughts? Regards, Gene

    01/19/2016 10:55:27