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    1. Scottish Information Society request and information
    2. Dear Clan Representatives: The Scottish Information Society (SIS), formed 1987, is comprised of and exists in support of those who volunteer their time at the clan tents, working events at various venues. One member delegate from each Clan, House or Scottish Society is invited to join to represent their officially recognized clan/society organization. We are in the process of revamping our web site It is currently off line, however, it is our hope to have it back up and functional before the end of April. We hope to include many helpful elements for the public to view. Currently one of the major projects in process is a comprehensive games listing for all 50 US states. In future, we hope to be able to add an International games listing. I would appreciate it if you would email me directly at with: the most current contact information for your Clan, especially: the name of your Chief the names and contact information for those that convene your tents or are area commissioners the name and contact information for your genealogist(s) the name and contact information for your clan historian(s) the name and contact information for your editor(s) the name of your clan newsletter and frequency of publication the URL/information re your clan's official discussion group... is it this list at Rootsweb? or is it different? the name and contact information for whoever may be in charge of your DNA project the URL for your clan's OFFICIALLY sanctioned website -- sorry no personal or non-sanctioned sites can be linked Additonally, SIS, will have a tent at the upcoming Sacramento Valley (California) Caledonia Club Games, in Woodland, California, at the end of April. If you will send some information regarding your clan, we will be pleased to have it on hand, whether or not your representative is able to attend and host a tent at the event. We would also appreciate your mailing a copy or copies of your newsletter, in order that we may share with the public part of what your clan has to offer to its members. If you manage, sponsor or sanction DNA projects for your clan, please mail information regarding the project(s) and we will make it available at the tent for those interested. Also, for those of you interested, there is a Scot DNA project that all Scots and Scot Clans are welcome to join or share DNA results with, no matter which service you used. John Hansen is the Project Manager. You will find more information about this project at and also in the list archives. Details re that list will be found here: Write me off list and I will provide the postal mailing addresss for receipt of your printed materials. Thank you. And thanks to all of your volunteers which give so generously and unselfishly of their time to share with and educate the public about your Clan's history and that of Scotland. It is they who keep the tradtions alive. Suas Alba! Yours Aye, Lauren M. Boyd, FSA Scot President Scottish Information Society delegate representative: House of Boyd Society, Inc. [commonly called "Clan Boyd"] title: International President web site: http://www.clanboyd.ORG clan email address: president@clanboyd.ORG

    03/12/2006 06:36:54