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    1. [Clan KINCAID] i have a john and Mary with a son James
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    3. Hello everyone , I saw that there was a lot of inquires about a John Kincaid who married a Mary that had a son named James This is what I have right now going from John Kincaid to me. I have hit a concrete wall and this is where the trail runs a little scarce any info to crack this concrete wall would be very appreciated and i hope this info will help someone : John Kincaid was born around 1812 he lived in Deerfield Virginia where he was a farmer and married Mary A (maiden unknown) Kincaid born about 1824. There children were born in Deerfield Virginia, they are ; Margret born 1843 , William R. born 1847 , James born 1851 , Andrew born 1852 , and John Luther born 1856 . John Luther Kincaid (died about 1943) moved to Van Buren township in Lee county Iowa and became a farmer. He married Cordelia Leazer born about 1863, Iowa daughter of J. Leazer and Jane Kelly. There children was all born in Donnellson Iowa and they are ; LuLu M.(Brooks) of Barstow, Ca born 1892 , Osborn L. born 1894 , Nora E.(Brooks) of St. Louis Mo born 1896 , and Denver L. born 1899 . Osborn L.(Hap) Kincaid born on Aug. 27 1894 in Donnellson , Iowa,the son of John L. and Cordelia Leazer Kincaid. He married Bertha Hazel Pickard on Jan. 27 1920 and died in 1961 in Keokuk ,Iowa who was born about 1901. She was daughter of Frank John Pickard and Laura Nesbit. He had been employed at Midwest carbide for 34 years before his retirement in 1959. Their children were born in Keokuk , Iowa ; they are William L.of Muscatine born 1920 , Bernetta (Kustes) born 1922 , and Vera (Smoot)born 1923 both of Alexandria, MO. At the ripe old age of 91 Hap died leaving 3 grandchildren 11 great-grandchildren behind he was preceded in death by 2 sons one brother one sister and one great-grandson. He was laid to reset in the Sharon Cemetery William Luther Kincaid moved to Muscatine , Iowa and worked at Kent Feeds. He married Mary Leona Weikert born 1921 . She is the daughter of Anthony Leo Weikert and Eleanor Mae Bruce. They had 2 children who are ; Carol Madeleine, born July 1943 and Anthony Osborn, born November 1946. Both born and raised in Muscatine , Iowa Anthony Osborn Kincaid lives in Muscatine , Iowa retired from G.P.C., a division of Kent Feeds. He married his childhood love Linda Lee Thomas born 03-04-1949 in Muscatine , Iowa. She is the daughter of Joseph Thomas and Arlene Tutt. They had 5 children all boys they are ; Andrew Patrick born February 1969 , Travis Lee born November 1971 , Shane William born May 1974 , Jacob Anthony born November 1976 , and Benjamin James born December 1978 and died December 1978 . Travis Lee Kincaid married Michele Elizabeth Nichols, born June 27 1972 in Camp LeJeune, North Carolina (U.S.M.C base) on June 10, 1996 then moved to Cedar Rapids , Iowa. We are still working on our first child This is what I have at this very moment, I can not find anymore info for John Kincaid or Deerfield , Virginia. If anyone has any info that can help me find a path in the right direction it would be very , very appreciated . I hope I am not the only one connected to this line of the Kincaid tree looking for more info to complete the line . Again any and all info would be welcomed and appreciated THANK YOU TRAVIS KINCAID of the IOWA KINCAID'S ============================== To join and access our 1.2 billion online genealogy records, go to:

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