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    1. [CHINA] Charles AH LIPP and William YUM WAH in Australia
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    3. Good Morning I hope someone can help me with my enquiry on the above:- Some information that has already been collected on CHARLES AH LIPP is as follows Market gardener and former miner Charlie Ah Lipp poses heroically for his portrait in 1915, unaware he is the earliest Chinese worker whose photograph exists in the National Archives. At 18 years old, he left from busy Hong Kong harbour in 1858. After a short stay in Sydney, he joined the Chinese diggers at Beechworth for 6 months. He worked in country N.S.W. for 3 years, then made his way to the Victorian diggings in Bendigo for 5 years. He continued mining in Castlemaine and finally settled in Malmsbury where he mined then took up market gardening. In 1883 when 43, he married Mary Louisa Downey in Castlemaine and was nationalised in 1885. His children were Ah Lipp, Ada 1889- WILLIAM YUM WAH Ah Lipp, Daisy 1893- Ah Lipp, Ellen/Nellie Ah Lipp, Emily 1887-1964 Ah Lipp, George 1896- Ah Lipp, Margaret 1889- m George Jung Toon (Ah Lim) Ah Lipp, William He was a well-known personality in the district, and was given a send off (and a traveling bag) before his return to China in 1915. A year before, this story appeared in the local rag: "A CHINAMAN IN TROUBLE On Tuesday Ah Lip, a well known resident of Malmsbury, came to Kyneton, and overstepped the bounds of temperance to such an extent that he became hopelessly drunk and took up a position in front of the Drill Hall in Market St, his legs outstretched across the path, while the wall of the building acted as a fortification for his back. Curiously enough, recruiting operations were going on in the hall and it was thought by some that Ah Lip was awaiting his turn for enlistment. Several friendly passers-by endeavoured to dislodge him from his entrenchment but he refused to budge, and stoutly held the fort until the arrival of Constable Philips, who promptly took him prisioner and had to procure a cab to convey him to the lockup. Later in the afternoon he was released on bail to appear before the court yesterday morning.." (p. 98 Gold 'n greens : a history of the Chinese of Malmsbury and district / compiled by Susan Walter on behalf of Malmsbury Historical Society 2010) "Ah Lipp grew and sold vegetables. He had his vegetable garden in the edge of the racecourse. He wore a flat straw hat and carried his produce in two large baskets suspended from long poles across his shoulders. Prices were cheap - 1d. for root vegetables, 1d. and 2d. for cabbages..." p.100. We are researching his daughter ADA AH LIPP who married William YUM WAH in Victoria in 1906. We would like to know how to find out more on the Chinese ancestors of both Charles Ah Lipp and William Yum Wah. Kindest regards and many thanks Dianna

    05/19/2015 05:30:24