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    2. Louis Barsi
    3.   Good Evening, Listers,   My name is Lou Barsi and I am new to the list.   My paternal relatives are from ORSZENTMIKLOS PEST MEGYE. My brother and sister-in-law visited there and bought back some wonderful pictures. I've had two strokes and cannot travel. My grandfather was SANDOR BARSI and died at age 29 of ifluenza. Does anyone know anything about this village and about the family?   My mother's family was the REMAK family and I finally discovered lines once they arrived in America but know nothing about their family in Hungary.   They both settled in Middlesex County, N.J.-- IN WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP. If anyone  has heard of either family, I would appreciate any information. Thank you.   Lou Barsi    

    02/04/2011 09:39:55