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    2. Hello Arthur. I personally cannot answer your query as I do not know. And as you are the only subscriber to the list a this stage I can confidently say the question will still remain unanswered. (The list has only been up a week) What I can tell you is I think that Frances Jane CARUS Wilson married a Vansley POND in Truro December 1893. Here is hoping that through the list both of us will receive an answer Bright Blessings Sandie Lady of the List My four grandparents family names I am researching: IN ENGLAND. Cambridgeshire: CLEMENCE, BARRETT, HYMUS, OKEY, BROWNE (Symond 1500's), NEBOLD, BROWNE (John 1700's), TOFTS, DOCKERILL, WILLOWS, RICHMOND, FOWLER, NUNN, SMOOTHY, PIGGOTT, BUTTOLPH, CHAPMAN, CRANE, DOVER, O'DELL, REYNOLDS, JOHNSON. (+ all VARs.) Cornwall: POND, CARUS-WILSON, HAWKINS. (+ all VARs.) Essex: PLAYLE, MILBOURN, WHITEHEAD, ALLEN, FARRAR, CRANE, GOWER, PAWSEY, SMOOTHY, HURRIL, HEARD, BARRETT, NUNN, BURTON, WALFARE, HYMUS, SORRELL, FRANCES, WAKEFIELD, HASLER, COWLE. (+ all VARs.) Gloucestershire: YONGE, WOOTTON. (+ all VARs.) Hampshire: AUSTIN, YOUNG, MARLOE, JACKSON, HIBBERT. (+ all VARs.) Kent: ROSER, WILSON, AUSTIN, KINGSLAND, COVENEY, DREWRY, JACOB, MILLGATE. (+ all VARs.) Lincolnshire: YOUARD. (+ all VARs.) London: AUSTIN, DREWRY, SHAW, YOUARD, KAHN, YOUNG. (+ all VARs.) Manchester: YOUARD, MOTTERSHEAD. (+ all VAR's.) Middlesex: YOUARD, AUSTIN, DREWRY, SHAW, YOUNG. (+ all VARs.) Norfolk: ANGELL, JOHNSON, YOUARD, (+ all VARs.) Somerset: JONES, PAYNE, YONGE, FLOWER, WOOTTON. (+ all VARs.) Suffolk: SMOOTHY, BARRETT, WARREN, SWAN, CRANE, TAYLOR. (+ all VARs). Sussex: YOUARD, HASLER, CRANE, ROSER, WILSON. (+ all VARs.) Staffordshire: WADHAMS, YOUARD, WILKES, STANTON. (+ all VARs.) Surrey: AUSTIN, YOUNG, SHAW. (+ all VARs.) Warwickshire: YOUARD, WILKES, MEDDINGS. (+ all VARs.) Worcestershire: MEDDINGS. (+ all VARs.) ***Somewhere in the UK*** DAY, James b c1808. CHEATHAM, Sarah Ann b c1810. MOTTERSHEAD, Agnes b c1846 (father John). FEGAN, Martha (Dublin, Ireland) IN AUSTRALIA. Tasmania. SMITH, KEANE, FEGAN, NELSON, AUSTIN. Victoria. AUSTIN, COSTELLO. New South Wales. AUSTIN, COSTELLO. Western Australia. AUSTIN, POND, YOUARD, PLAYLE, ROSER, DAY, HYMUS, WILKES, MOTTERSHEAD, FALLON, WHITE, JONES, HENSHAW, BOILEAU. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WebRings I maintain: AUSTRALIAN FAMILY HISTORY WebRing BARRETT's IN ENGLAND WebRing WESTERN AUSTRALIAN CONVICT's WebRing AUSTRALIAN SMITH's WebRing AUSTIN's IN ENGLAND WebRing YOUNG's IN ENGLAND WebRing ESSEX FAMILIES IN ENGLAND WebRing FAMILIES IN CAMBRIDGESHIRE ENGLAND WebRing ROMANI FAMILIES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM WebRing TASMANIAN CONVICT DESCENDANTS WebRing DREWRY's IN ENGLAND WebRing PLAYLE's AROUND THE WORLD WebRing Navigation bars to link to these WebRings are listed at: Look for further WebRings coming soon.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [email protected] [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MSN instant messenger name: Fedelmar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Web Pages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Family Members Web Pages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mailing lists that I administer that are owned by To subscribe to a mailing send an email to you list choice address and after the L add [email protected] Type the word subscribe in the subject line. HAWKINS-CORNWALL-ENG-L SMITH-AUS-L AUS-TAS-CONVICTS-L AUS-WA-GEN-RESOURCES-L AUS-WA-PASSENGERLISTS-L ANGELL-UK-L AUS-SMITH-LOST-L AUS-WA-SHIPS-TIMELINES-L AUS-ROMANI-L AUSTIN-UK-L AUS-TAS-SURNAMES-L AUS-WA-SURNAMES-L BARRETT-UK-L BURTON-ESSEX-UK-L BUTTOLPH-UK-L BROWNE-ENG-CAM-L CRANE-UK-L CLEMENCE-CAMBRIDGE-UK-L DOCKERILL-L DAY-UK-L DREWRY-UK-L FARRAR-ESSEX-UK-L FAGAN-IRELAND-L HEARD-UK-L HASLER-UK-L HURRIL-UK-L HYMUS-L GOWER-UK-L MOTTERSHEAD-UK-L MILBOURN-ESSEX-UK-L NUNN-UK OKEY-CAMBRIDGE-UK-L PAYNE-UK-L POND-CORNWALL-UK-L PLAYLE-L PAWSEY-ESSEX-UK-L ROSER-L RICHMOND-UK-L SWAN-SUFFOLK-UK-L SMOOTHY-L TOFTS-L UK-ROMANI-L WHITEHEAD-ESSEX-UK-L WARREN-SUFFOLK-UK-L WADHAMS-L WILKES-UK-L YOUARD-L YOUNG-UK-L CARUS WILSON-CORNWALL-ENG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the wise judge it and the skilful direct it. Manon Roland. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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