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    1. [CARUS WILSON] Famous name?
    2. Arthur French
    3. I have subscribed to this list for just a few days to tell a story and ask questions. An aunt of mine, Mary Emma FRENCH (b 1857), married a Carus WILSON in Gosport, Hampshire. Carus seems to have been his given name. His father, John WILSON, a draper, was born in Leicester in 1805, and I know nothing further back. I met some of my WILSON cousins in my childhood in the 1920s and 30s. I know that in the early 19th century there was a Rev. W Carus-Wilson of Casterton Hall, Westmoreland, with a son Rev. C Carus-Wilson of Ramsgate, important enough to get into "Who's Who". (Descendants include an electrical engineer, a Lieutenant Colonel, and a Principal of Birmingham School of Music.) I assumed that John Wilson must have called his son Carus as a sort of stunt, to make an artificial link with his famous namesake! So I am asking three questions. Do these clerical Carus-Wilsons have their origins in Cornwall? Are there biographies? Am I right in thinking that John Wilson of Leicester is not really a blood relation? Arthur French and on WorldConnect at Rootsweb

    12/27/2001 12:08:15