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    1. [CARNIVALS & SIDESHOWS] Wild West Show - Jack Macurio
    2. Sharon
    3. I am still seeking anyone who may have heard of a Wild West sideshow or act featuring JACK MACURIO, my grandfather. He had his own act which he performed in multiiple carnivals and circuses throughout the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's. He often presented himself as a Cherokee Indian and sometimes called himself "Chief Black Wolf". He was an expert sharp-shooter, roper and knife thrower. For a time, my grandmother was his assistant, but after their divorce in 1921, his assistant was a woman named SUE RAY. He also performed in various Vaudeville shows onstage and in a few movies. He died in 1948, but there could still be a few carnival/circus folks out there who may remember him. Email Sharon at: [email protected] Thanks

    08/31/2006 01:08:33