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    1. [CARNIVALS & SIDESHOWS] vaudeville acts in the Midwest
    2. George and Dawn Wheat
    3. My grandfather had a traveling vaudeville/music act that he did in a big tent at various towns in the Midwest. He home based out of Mountain View, Mo. I know he went to Iowa, Mo., Oklahoma, Ark., Texas, and maybe even New Mexico. His operation was pretty small and mostly his immediate family acted in the plays but I do have a picture of three men who also worked with him (no names mentioned). If anyone needs to see the three men, I will be putting the picture on Ancient Faces after Christmas. If you can identify the men as your ancestors, we could talk. My grandfather had converted an old Dodge Bros. truck into a mobile home for his family. Besides acting, he was an artist and sold his paintings along busy roads in the Midwest. He also did gold leaf work on banks and churches, was an undertaker, a building contractor and he made large signs for businesses to put along the roads. In other words, he was a jack of all trades. His vaudeville act consisted of plays, comedy acts and lots of country music. He played the fiddle, his wife played the guitar and his kids played the mandolin, harmonica and other things. His name was J. D. Henry and his business card said they went by the name: The Ozark Rubes. One card said they were "Daddy and Peggy Henry". His wife's real name was Frances Goodwin Henry. Dawn

    12/20/2007 04:10:29