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    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Native American name translation
    2. Tom Staubin
    3. Hello Listers, Would anyone recognize the following First People name, a female, as to its meaning and/or origin? MINABAOUANOUKOUE. I have been told that the name may be Cree Indian. I have checked on line translators, reference books on native American translation, etc. What I wonder is if there is a meaning behind this name, she may be related to me. Perhaps a suggestion as to where I may contact someone who would have this linguistics training? Thank you, Tom

    08/23/2013 08:49:59
    1. Re: [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Posting
    2. Carol
    3. check this out

    11/19/2012 10:12:08
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Veilette
    2. Lorraine Menzies
    3. I have Eliza Veilette, born 1787, and married Dominic Boisvert, as well as her father, Pierre Veilette, who married Judith Thibeau in my ancestry line. Eliza has been said to have been a very special lady who was part Algonquin or Huron, and who became the interpreter for many fur trading deals among fur traders because she spoke French and English as well as native languages. Does anyone have information about her?

    11/17/2012 02:03:39
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] looking for my heritage
    2. Norton, Paula NAP
    3. Hello, I have found my grandmothers name: Moreau, among the Iroquois and French Canadians, and would like to know more of my family. I was so proud to learn I am part Iroquois and would love to learn more and enrich my offspring with our heritage! Thank you for your time Paula Norton

    07/23/2010 06:14:30
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] The Morin Trek ... and other things ...
    2. Big Doc D
    3. Hi All! And especially to all those descendants of Pierre MORIN-dit-BOUCHER and Marie MARTIN who have communicated with me over the years. I realize it’s been quite some time and I still haven’t gotten through all the wonderful sources, references, etc. sent to me as much as a couple of years ago but I just wanted everyone to know that I’m still slowly working my way through them, and I’ll eventually get to yours and communicate again. Not to make excuses, but I’ve gone through a lot of very painful episodes over the last couple of years with my kidneys and prostate which have kept me much slower over sometimes many months at a time. But I’m starting to feel better now so you should begin to notice something soon. I thought Pierre and Marie’s descendants would be interested in this: It’s a Trek being run by Gérard BOYER (Gerard - 1st “e” accented*) who lives fairly close to the Antoine MORIN (my G-GPa) property and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is connected through Antoine’s son Philippe and grandson George and was born in Rockland (which is where my maternal GPa was born) and grew up there and in Cumberland. For you English-only individuals, he is also a fully bilingual French-English-Canadien and will handle translation problems (along with others who will show up I’m sure) during the trek through Quebec and the Maritimes to Annapolis-Royal. Personally I’m still in the situation where I’m trying to determine if my own health is good enough yet to attempt this, so I haven’t confirmed yet. At the moment my wife doesn’t feel I’m able so I guess it depends on whether I listen to her or not/believe her or not. Al Doherty (Mother was a MORIN) Pickering, Ontario, Canada P.S. * I’ve started to note French accented words as above because of the mangling some servers the messages go through do to the language. I’d suggest others on the list do the same.

    05/19/2010 09:55:31
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Six Nations Reserve
    2. The Jimersons
    3. I am interested in connecting with anyone whose family tree includes Indians living on the Six Nations reserve in Brant, Ontario Canada. My husband has MANY in his family tree from this area with the names: Barnes, Bennett, Bodnar, Capton, Clause, Clinch, Cole, Davis, Doctor, Garlow, General, Gray, Henhawk, Hill, Jamieson, Jamison, Lickers, Laidman, Longfish, MacDonald, Maracle, McNaughton, Obediah, Robb, Russell, Styres, Wage, Webster, and Wedge. ~Cathy Jimerson

    01/12/2010 08:22:04
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Need Help with Brick Wall
    2. Coleen Coleman
    3. Martha Ann Scott born 1848 Vigo Co Indiana USA. Father possibly John born Pennsylvania USA. Was said her mother may have been of Native American Ancestry born of a tribe that may have migrated from the US side of the Niagara Falls area to that of the Ont side of the border. Was said her first name may have been Neeva/Neda/Neta with a surname of RUNNING HORSE or (?) HORSE. I do not have anything further. Was said that Marthas' father may have been in then Ont Canada area late 1830's or early 1840 as I do not have siblings for Martha as her obituary for 1930 here in the States does not list anyone except for her children and Grandchildren who survived her and that she was preceeded in death by her husband and a son and grandson. Thanks so much for yur help, please No questions as I do not have the answers at this time that is why I am posting my query on this rootsweb board.

    09/22/2009 05:58:31
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Native American name translation assistance
    2. Hello list, ?? I am new to this list and hope that someone might be able to assist me or direct me to where I may find this answer. ?? I am translating a baptismal record from Trois Rivieres, Quebec. A native American name stated in this record is "Minabaouanoukoue". The indication is that the native americans named in this record are of a group of Montagnais Indians. ?? Am I correct in breaking this name as follows: Mi-Na-Ba-Ou-An-Ou-Kou-E? I would very much appreciate any guidance you may offer. Regards, Tom St. Aubin

    09/17/2009 08:36:02
    1. Re: [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Help with my "Brick Wall" Thanks
    2. Coleen Coleman
    3. Seems there is no one on theses boards that can point me in the right direction of where to goo find out where the name RUNNING HORSE came from, which tribe. I thought there might be someone out there who was familiar with the area and could give me a URL or an address of who to contact to get me in the right direction of where to find these records. Seems that no one is able to or can give me any help with this. I am at a loss as I live in the States and do not know who to contact in Canada for assistance. All I need is some sort of address, location, or e-mail of where to go to find out this information. Hmmm is there anyone out there that is familiar with where to obtain these records? Any historian out there with the Canadian Tribal Council or other?

    08/03/2009 01:11:30
    1. Re: [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Help with my "Brick Wall" Thanks
    2. Carol
    3. Hi Coleen, I sympathize with you. It's very difficult to trace your Aboriginal roots as most of the history is oral. I have been researching mine for the past ten years. At one point I thought I'd never find out which nation my maternal grandmother belonged to but with persistence I did discover she was Nisga'a. I have now met with relatives and have become part of a Nisga'a tribe. I suggest you try to discover which missionary church was prominent in the Niagara Falls area at that time. They may have records for your ancestor's nation. For instance, the Church Missionary Society (England) was most prominent in the area of the Nass River, B.C. in 1889 when my grandmother was born (she died when my mother was 16 and never spoke of her family or her Aboriginal origins) so I found all my original records with them. The Church Missionary Society had missions all over the world and began in the northern B.C. area in the early 1800s. I also tried the rootsweb lists but had no replies until I nailed down my grandmother's nation and even then the replies were very sparse. Good luck with your search! Carol Wright Hax Waa Ksakw Wilps: Sim'oogidim Xsgaak Nisga'a Nation

    08/01/2009 03:51:24
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Help with my "Brick Wall" Thanks
    2. Coleen Coleman
    3. Can anyone tell me where I might go to find out the origins of the Tribal name Running Horse? Have a possible ancestor name of Neeva/Neda/Neta Running Horse circa 1830's late to early 1840 met a John Scott born Pennsylvania USA when he may have been doing some trapping and trading in the area of Niagara Falls. Was said he brought her back to the States. When did they marry? Where did they marry? Did she change her name to that of an American? DId they marry in Canada? Pennsylvania? or Indiana where my ancestor Martha Ann Scott was born, she was their daughter? Thanks so much just need to know where I might obtain some information on the Tribes that the name Running Horse was most prominent in. Again thanks

    07/31/2009 10:39:04
    2. Carol Simmons
    3. Hi Coleen Your messages are coming through to my desk - altho I am only a subscriber. Interesting questions you have asked. I have no answers, just looking for replies to you, in an opportunity to learn something that may aid me in my native research (just starting) Carol On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 11:37 AM, Coleen Coleman <[email protected]>wrote: > TEST is anyone or anybody monitoring these > boards? Need help with Brick Wall posted > earlier this last week. > > Canadian Indian Tribes, > > > Canadian Genealogy, > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > [email protected] with the word 'unsubscribe' > without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message > -- Carol Simmons If you could kick the person responsible for most of your troubles in the backside, you wouldn't be able to sit down for two weeks. fabulous gift giving ideas extensive genealogy database

    07/28/2009 05:49:22
    2. Coleen Coleman
    3. TEST is anyone or anybody monitoring these boards? Need help with Brick Wall posted earlier this last week.

    07/28/2009 03:37:22
    2. Coleen Coleman
    3. My Martha Ann Scotts' mother may have been a Neeva/Neda/Neta Running Horse. May have met my John Scott when he was trapping/ trading up in the area of Niagara Falls in the mid-late 1830's or 1840's early. Unknown if they married in Canada, PA or IN. Do not know what she may have changed her name to prior to marrying my John Scott. Unk date as I have nothing that tells me if my Martha had siblings before she was born in late 1846 or early 1847. Thanks if someone can point me in the right direction.

    07/26/2009 03:37:23
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] Help if you can
    2. Coleen Coleman
    3. I have come across some information and do not know what to do with it at this time. I have information that tells me that my Martha Ann Scotts' mother may have been of a Canadian Tribe up near Niagara Falls. She may have married a man name of John Scott born PA? IN? KY? Daughter Martha Ann born fall of 1846 or spring of 1847. Marthas' death record indicates father born PA. 1 census record 1870 says father born KY, 1880/1900/1910 say her parents born IN. I am curious as to how I would find out what Marthas' mothers' name may have been at birth and what her name may have changed to if and when she came to the US and married my John SCOTT unk time as I have no further information on Marthas' family prior to her marrying my Temple Smith of Owen Co IN. If you can help me I would appreciate it very much. Thanks you Coleen Coleman [email protected]

    07/25/2009 06:27:01
    1. [CANADA-INDIAN-TRIBES] TOPIER/TWOFOOT - could this be a Canadian Indian tribe name?
    2. My great grandmother's niece PANSY HOPKINSON married WILLIAM EDWARD TWOFOOT, as his second wife. They had 3 daughters. I am helping descendants of this couple research the TWOFOOT name. They have been told this TWOFOOT name was Canadian Indian. Records on this family: 1911 Canada Census Quebec / Stanstead / 19 Coaticook / page 1 HOUSEHOLD: (Note: 2 daughter are on next page) 49 12 Twoford William M Head M Apr 1877 34 1901 50 12 Twoford Pamsy F Wife M Mar 1889 22 1901 ============================================================================== == 1911 CANADA CENSUS QUEBEC Stanstead County Town of Coaticook Enumerated June 1-2 1911 by PAUL F. BALDWIN Dist. 8, Dist. #200 IMAGE: pdf. page 1 HOUSEHOLD: 49. TWOFOOT, WILLIAM head b. Apr 1877 age 34 b. Quebec father b. Quebec mother b. USA occ: Laborer - Knitting Mill weeks emp. 52 50. TWOFOOT, PANSY wife b. Mar 1889 age 22 b. USA father b. Canada mother b. USA no occ: (family continued on IMAGE: pdf. page 2) res. Main Street 1. TWOFOOT, VERIAN dau b. Aug 1907 age 4 b. Quebec (rel. Anglican) nationality: Canadian origin: French 2. TWOFOOT, ETHEL dau b. Apr 1911 age 2 mos. (rel. Anglican) nationality: Canadian origin: French =============================================== 1911 Census of Canada Name: William Twofoot Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Age: 34 Birth Date: Apr 1877 Birthplace: Quebec Family Number: 12 Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's name: Panay (PANSY) Tribal: French Province: Quebec DISTRICT: Stanstead District Number: 200 Sub-District: Coaticook Sub-District Number: 19 Place of Habitation: Main St Census Year: 1911 Page: 1 HOUSEHOLD: William Twofoot 34 Pansy Twofoot 22 Verian Twofoot 4 Ethel Twofoot 2/12 ================================================================ World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record Name: William Edward Twofoot City: 102 Portland Avenue, Rochester County: Strafford State: New Hampshire Birth Date: 14 Apr 1877 Race: White Roll: 1711855 DraftBoard: 0 Age: 41 Occupation: Millwright, Studley Box Lumber Co., Rochester Nearest Relative: MRS. PANSY TWOFOOT, 102 Portland Avenue, Rochester Height/Build: med/slender Color of Eyes/Hair: blue/black (Nationality - subject of Great Britain - Canada) =============================== 1920 US CENSUS TWOFOOT, WILLIAM E MASSACHUSETTS , WORCESTER, 9-WD WORCESTER 3-PCT Age: 42, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: CANA Series: T625 Roll: 752 Page: 236 HOUSEHOLD: TWOFOOT, WILLIAM E. head of household age 42 b. Canada of French Ancestry both parents b. Canada French Ancestry emigrated 1915 (occ: machinist Spring Manufacturing - presume SLEEPER & HARTLEY) TWOFOOT, PANSY V. wife age 29 b. Vermont both parents b. Canada TWOFOOT, VERIAN E. daughter age 13 b. Canada - French TWOFOOT, ETHEL V. daughter age 8 b. Canada - French TWOFOOT, MARION P. daughter age 3 8/12 b. New Hampshire ========================================== Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 Name: William Twofoot Arrival Date: Apr 1915 Age: 38 Birth Date: abt 1877 Birth Country: Canada Gender: Male Race/Nationality: French Port of Arrival: Newport, Vermont, USA TWOFOOT, WILLIAM occ: Carpenter age 38 b. Canada race: French residence: Coaticook, Quebec Nearest relative: Wife, PANSY TWOFOOT, Coaticook, Quebec Destination: Rochester, N.H. ============================================================= Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 Name: William Edward Twofoot Spouse: Mary Mathew (MARY MAYHEW) Event Year: 1900 (April 18, 1900) Event: Marriage Religion: Baptist Place of Worship or Institution: Coaticook (Baptist Church) Province: Québec (Quebec) Married at residence of JOHN WILLIAM MAYHEW of Barnston Twp., Stanstead County. WILLIAM EDWARD TWOFOOT, Farm Labour of Barnston Twp., and MARY MAYHEW, adopted daughter of above JOHN WILLIAM MAYHEW, etc. /s/ WILLIAM EDWARD TWOFOOT (signed by x) /s/ MARY MAYHEW (signed by x) Witnessed by: EDWARD TWOFOOT & JOHN WILLIAM MAYHEW ============================================================ Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 Name: Wm Edward Troofoot (TWOFOOT) Event Year: 1937 Event: Enterrement Religion: Baptist Place of Worship or Institution: Coaticook (Baptist Church) Province: Québec (Quebec) DEATH: WM EDWARD TWOFOOT Died: Feb. 9, 1937, age 57. This is to certify that WM EDWARD TWOFOOT died in Coaticook, on the ninth day of February. Funeral in the Baptist Church and burial in Crooker Cemetery on the 11th day of same month. by: C. WALLACE, Baptist Minister Witnesses: /s/ C. E. AKHURST & E. N. BISHOP ================================================================== WILLIAM EDWARD TWOFOOT's parents were EDWARD M. TWOFOOT and IDA E. BICKFORD. In the 1881 and 1891 Canada census this family was listed as TOPIER. By 1901 & 1911 the parents were listed as TWOFOOT. Can anyone help with this mystery? More on this family on my website (see url below) Thank you, Jacqueline Sleeper Russell Website:_ ( **************It's only a deal if it's where you want to go. Find your travel deal here. (

    08/21/2008 06:21:34
    2. Carol
    3. Hello List,   I hope SOME Listers are there as I tried to search the archives and there didn't seem to be anything there!   Anyway, I am researching my Nisga'a ancestors who lived in the village of Kincolith (now Gingolx) on the Nass River in upper coastal British Columbia.  I have a fair amount of information and would love to compare notes with anyone who is also researching the Nisga'a.    The names I am researching are: Welcun - Adam Barnes, his wife Nox Catherine - Hannah Barnes, their daughters Clahs - Catherine Venn/Ryan/Swanson, Neish - Albert Walsh and his wife Nox Alice - Martha Walsh.  The years are 1869 - 1913.   Hopefully,   Carol  Everything is always OK in the end. If it's not - then it's not the end!!

    06/19/2008 02:00:20