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    2. Ronnie Hamilton
    3. Hi, My name is Ron Hamilton from Cheshire, England and I am trying to trace any information regarding my following family members: Ada Annie Clare Dudley (1875) and her sister Mary Isabella Dudley (1877), they were both born at Stalybridge, Lancashire, England. They both arrived at Quebec aboard the Empress of Ireland on the 14th September, 1911. They sailed from Liverpool. Here are the marriage details of Ada: British Columbia Marriage Index: 1872 to 1924 about Henry Greville Pierce Name: Henry Greville Pierce Gender: Male Spouse's name: Ada Anne C Dudley Spouse Gender: Female Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1911 Location: Vancouver BCA Number: B11375 Registration Number: 1911-09-065157 GSU Number: 1983703 They were married at St. Paul's Church, Vancouver, B.C. Henry was born in 1876 at Hoylake, Cheshire, England which is near to a place called Birkenhead, and this is where the two Dudley girls were living in 1911 prior to sailing to Canada. Henry's occupation is shown as engineer. This is all I have regarding the Dudley girls, apart from the fact that they were born with the surname: Jelly-Dudley. The name Jelly was dropped but was sometimes used as another initial after their christian names. I think that I have exhausted all avenues that I can source but cannot trace any of these three people after 1911. I am hoping that someone might be able to help me find these people in Canada. I am sorry that I cannot give you any more information, so my fingers (and everthing else) are crossed that there is information out there that will answer my query. Many thanks for reading this mail, Ron Hamilton.

    03/26/2010 03:42:21