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    2. mike spencer
    3. Hi list, the Yesterdays site has been updated with hundreds of records containing names of persons from throughout the British Isles and who are found in official documents from Derbyshire. The records cover a large variety of types that can mostly be found in Record Offices and so give an idea of the type of lives and red tape our ancestors lived with. The records include Law and Order covering all types of crimes, some pretty grim, others referring to non attendance at Church or for being of the Catholic faith. School admissions has hundreds of pupils appearing in Derbyshire schools but who moved there because the father most likely moved to find work in the area. Many of these pupils also emigrated to all parts of the world as the admissions show. Settlement Examinations are like a persons CV up to the date of Examination to find which parish he or she actually belonged to. They make interesting reading. Plus many more including apprenticeship, Bastardy, Wills and Workhouse records. mike --

    04/25/2009 06:04:50