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    1. [QUEENS] Christmas queries.
    2. Murray Pletsch
    3. Dear Folks: 1. It will become a Christmas tradition on the lists I administer, to allow subscribers to send a query on the ancestor or family they are researching. Some may call this practice a Roll Call. I call it "looking for information on our ancestors"....!!! * We subscribed to the list to hopefully find ANY reference to the family we are researching. Therefore it is logical that we post the known information on our ancestor and make a query to the list members on the information being looked for, to further our database along. * 2. Some of these mailing lists have been in operation for almost 10 years and recently they have died off for whatever reasons. Hopefully this Christmas tradition will help you break down your brick walls; thereby taking advantage of this excellent free research vehicle. * 3. I only ask that folks post comprehensive queries. Place the surname of your ancestor in the subject line and provide as much information as you can in your message. If you get a response please take any further exclusive discussions offlist. * Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best in 2009. Bye for now.......Murray Pletsch List Administator

    12/13/2008 01:23:26