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    2. mike spencer
    3. Hi list, for those with English ancestry Yesterdays site, link below, has been updated with additional records as found in Derbyshire,England.. A few new sections added with the names of persons who although at the time of their respective recording in whatever document they appeared in were in Derbyshire, it is apparent that they either came from outside the County or moved elsewhere from the County to and from other parts of Britain. Board of Guardians lists those persons who fell on hard and difficult times and were subject to the Board who decided what relief could be given ,if any, or who decided who must come "to the Workhouse". Law and Order again has the names of people from other areas of Britain but who appear in Derbyshire. The cases listed also show the nastier side of life. Schools, based on admission registers, these show the names of pupils and if any previous school was attended. Many of these schools were not in Derbyshire. Plus points is that these lists generally give DOB of the pupils plus the names of those who emigrated, some of which came to Canada. mike --

    02/02/2009 02:51:01