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    1. [Queens Co NS] Charles Atkins (1794 - 1879) of Port Medway Queens Co
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    3. I have for some years trying to demonstrate that Charles Atkins (1794 - 1879) is the father of Charles Atkins (1825 - 1852). It is likely, as the daughter of the younger Charles is listed in the 1871 census as in the household of the older Charles. Unfortunately the relationship to the head is not given in that census. Several years ago, I came across an article from the [Saint Johns] Evening Telegram of January 2, 1932, where Sir Alfred Morine describes how his grandfather Asa Morine and Charles Atkins were aboard H.M.S. Shannon on 1 Jun 1813 when she captured the American ship Chesapeake. I don't necessarily believe this, but the older Charles Atkins was certainly of an age to participate. Last year I did a search for Charles Atkins and the war of 1812 and to my surprise found a petition at LAC for a pension dated 11 Feb 1878 from Charles Atkins of Port Medway for his services aboard H.M.S. Albion during the War of 1812. I ordered a copy of the petition, but what arrived was the cover sheet, not the document. The cover sheet indicated that the petition was transferred to H.M Paymaster in Halifax on 13 Feb 1878. The document from LAC is recorded as follows: Title: 04201 RG 9 Series II-A-1 Vol 88 page 1 File Dockets 04200 - 04215 I would appreciate any suggestions on how I might track down the actual petition.

    01/04/2015 09:22:07