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    1. [VANCOUVER-ISLAND] CRAIG FAMILY - John A, Emma L, James & Benjamin C
    2. Lorraine Satchell
    3. Hello I have been on many Rootsweb Lists but think it is the first time on this one. Hoping someone would be looking for this family as just discovered they did not return to Ontario. John Alexander CRAIG was born about 1858 in Glengarry, Ontario In Glengarry, on April 22, 1891, John A. married Emma Linda CLARK I do think they went to the Yukon soon after they married and both of their sons may have been born there. Sons were James Craig - know nothing else about him but think he was the eldest. Benjamin Clark Craig was named after Emma's father, Benjamin Clark (going by the 1891 marriage copy). On the BC Vital Statistics sites, found a Benjamin Clark Craig had married September 3, 1920 (reg's Vancouver) to an Alv a Florence GRIEVE or an Alva Florence WILBAND. It was under same date but different surnames so she could have been widowed or divorced. Benjamin Clark Craig died May 20, 1946 reg's Vancouver. John Alexander Craig died Jan. 8, 1941, age 87 at his home 748 E. 22nd Ave., Vancouver. Emma died May 2, 1949 at age 81 in Vancouver. All 3 of them are buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver and are listed on their site. Thank Heavens for the net as I do not think they ever completed a census. I would dearly like to find more about James and if anyone is looking for more of this Craig info from Glengarry County, Ontario, please contact me. Thank You Lorraine Ottawa, Ontario

    10/09/2013 05:57:54