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    1. [VANCOUVER-ISLAND] Daly family
    2. jessica daly kelly
    3. Hello. My name is Jessica. I am looking for anyone who knew the Daly family of Port Alice. They moved there about 1958 from Vancouver. The parents were Joseph Daly and Jessie Ann (Ross) Daly. Joseph was from Saskatchewan and Jessie was born in Scotland. They would eventually have 12 children. Anyone who knew this family and would love to share photos, stories, and more please leave me a message as I would love to hear from you. Thanks. Have a great day. The children of Jessie and Joe Daly were: Violet Danny Derek Gord Teresa Maria Donny Patricia(tricia) Kevin Patrick(Pat) Eddy Veronica(Ronnie) They were not born in this order Joe was a member of the Port Alice legion

    06/09/2011 06:29:48