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    1. [VANCOUVER-ISLAND] Sarah Wilson Dean and John Dean
    2. Kathy Montgomery
    3. hi Jackie - I went downtown today to the archives. Boy you can sure tell the economy is poor. We are a tourist destination, and I found a free parking place, first time around the block, within a block of the archives! I don't think I have ever whipped in and out of there so fast. They have a new microfilm reader since the last time I was there - much better. Anyway, for my convenience, I xeroxed the registrations. If you choose, you can back channel your address and I will mail them to you. > Vital Event Death Registration > Name: Sarah Wilson Dean > Event Date: 1926 5 2 (Yr/Mo/Day) > Age: 68 > Gender: female > Event Place: Nanaimo > Reg. Number: 1926-09-372556 > B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13129 > GSU Microfilm Number: 1927306 Sarah WIlson Dean, died at 71 Winfield Crescent, Nanaimo. usual residence "Five Acres, Nanaimo" female, Scotch, married; aged 68y 0m 16d; occupation at home, length of res at place of death 1 wk, in province 21y; father John Wilson b Scotland mother not known, place of birth not known info John Dean, Five Acres Nanaimo buried Nanaimo, 5 May 1926, undertaker D J Jenkins, Nanaimo date of death 2 May 1926, seen by Dr. (not named) 25 June - 2 May 1926, death due to chronic myocarditis, interstitial nephritis - decompensated. no surgery, no autopsy. JOHN DEAN Gender: Male Age: 92 Death Date: 28 Mar 1943 Place of Death: Vancouver Registration #: 1943-09-620976 BCA #: B13178 GSU #: 1953638 John Dean, died at Vancouver General Hospital, in Vancouver 5 days, in province & Canada 50 yrs. resident of Victoria. male, Canadian, English origin, single, born England born 17 Dec 1850, aged 92y 3m 11d retired broker in mining father William Dean, born England mother unknown, born England buried Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC died 28 March 1943, due to coronary sclerosis, adenoma prostate; surgery on prostate 25 March 1943. Good luck.

    08/23/2011 10:09:55