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    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] James Alexander Friend
    2. Marjorie McQuay
    3. I am looking for any information about James Alexander Friend. He was born in Barrie, Ontario March 29, 1874, although his death reg. and 1901 Kamloops census say he was born in New York. His father took his family to Michigan in 1882 after his wife died, and one of James' aunts lived in New York, so he may have forgotten just where he was born. He lived in Prince George sometime in the years before his death at Kamloops Feb. 24, 1940. He is part of my Cameron family tree and I'm am trying to find his brothers William and George Friend as well. Marjorie Cameron McQuay -- I am using the free version of SPAMfighter. SPAMfighter has removed 3303 of my spam emails to date. Get the free SPAMfighter here: Do you have a slow PC? Try Free scan

    06/27/2012 07:01:16