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    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Kincolith & Nisga'a Lineage
    2. Carol
    3. Hello List, I'm hoping someone out there will have some information on my Nisga'a family. My G.Grandfather was Chief Albert WALSH (Neash) b. abt. 1851 in Angida (sp?) He traveled to Kincolith with Reverend Tomlinson on the first raft. He was in the first group to be baptized in Kincolith on November 7, 1869. He married Martha BARNES on December 28, 1875. William SMITH married his wife Sarah on December 24, 1875 and both men list their father as "Zawemack" making William & Albert brothers. Albert re-married Jane Turk in 1913 after the death of Martha. He died on September 28, 1914 in Kincolith. Martha BARNES was know before baptism as "Kiedzundaeon/Kedupindaon". Her father was Welcun a.k.a. Adam Barnes. Her mother was Hannah Barnes a.k.a. Nox Catherine. Martha's older sister Catherine married Unknown RYAN and was listed as a widow on the 1881 census along with her children Emily (Emma) age 10, Mary & Elizabeth both age 8, Charles age 5 and Simon 6 months. Martha & Albert had at least three children: Alice b. May 26, 1871, married William J. Matheson December 18, 1890 and died December 1891 in childbirth. Sarah Amelia b. September 29, 1886 - died young and my Grandmother, Catherine Amelia Walsh b. March 10, 1889. The family home was in Kincolith. Martha died on May 3, 1909. My Grandmother was educated at the Metlakatla school and even worked there until 1910. She then worked as a maid for Rev. W.E. Collison in Prince Rupert (1911) and then for Alexander Manson and his family in Prince Rupert (1914). My Grandmother somehow came to Vancouver where she had two children and then married. She died in Vancouver in 1938. I have found all this information on my own as my Grandmother took the story of her heritage to her grave. My mother did not know anything about her mother's heritage - her mother died when she was only sixteen. I would love to become part of the great Nisga'a Nation but without my House & Crest I am not eligible. As my G.Grandparents had girls, the name WALSH has been lost to the ages. If anyone has any knowledge of this family, please contact me. Hopefully, Carol Wright Everything is always ok in the end. If it isn't - then it's not the end!! __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

    12/29/2006 03:28:41