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    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] SMALL Family Photograph
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" an old photograph of Percy William SMALL which was taken at the C. H. Howes Studio in Ithaca, NY on 5 June 1891 when he was 6 months old. He was identified as weighing 18 lbs. and being 26 inches in height at the time. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding Percy and his family: Percy William SMALL was b. 18 Dec 1890 in Ithaca, NY to parents George "Geo" SMALL (1850-1936) and Delphine Izora SNYDER (1852-1937) who were married in 1882. Percy had two siblings, Arthur James SMALL (1886-1933) and Edith SMALL (1892-1962). Percy died 22 Jul 1914 in New Westminster, BC, Canada and is buried in the Fraser Cemetery there. I am hoping to locate someone from this SMALL Family so that this wonderful old photograph can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    02/06/2020 06:08:02
    1. Re: [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Hey
    2. Carol
    3. check this out

    11/19/2012 10:00:19
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] James Alexander Friend
    2. Marjorie McQuay
    3. I am looking for any information about James Alexander Friend. He was born in Barrie, Ontario March 29, 1874, although his death reg. and 1901 Kamloops census say he was born in New York. His father took his family to Michigan in 1882 after his wife died, and one of James' aunts lived in New York, so he may have forgotten just where he was born. He lived in Prince George sometime in the years before his death at Kamloops Feb. 24, 1940. He is part of my Cameron family tree and I'm am trying to find his brothers William and George Friend as well. Marjorie Cameron McQuay -- I am using the free version of SPAMfighter. SPAMfighter has removed 3303 of my spam emails to date. Get the free SPAMfighter here: Do you have a slow PC? Try Free scan

    06/27/2012 07:01:16
    2. A A Sandercott
    3. Hello The website for the BC GenWeb North by Northwest is now at: If you have any questions, additions/deletions etc., please feel free to contact me. Thanks Alan

    10/03/2011 09:03:44
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Missing Gray in North America
    2. I'm trying to find some details of some distant relatives. I've posted this before, but I thought William went to the USA. His sister Margaret went to Boston, with her Husband. Murray Haver Robertson b.1882. I'm looking for details on my Late Granddad's Brother. I've found that William went to Canada & not the USA. According to Mum's sister. William Gray was born in 1886 at Glen Isla in the County of Angus. Married with 2 Daughters. Died of Dyptheria. Blacksmith to Lumberjacks in the Canada..?. His Parents were Francis William Grant Gray. Born 1853 d. 25 Aug 1946 Ruthven Angus Age 93. Jane Barrie Born 15 Apr 1857 Kirriemuir Angus. Died 22 Mar 1922 Slieview Ruthven Angus. Alistair Bell.

    08/23/2011 09:40:36
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Annie Louisa Tait, Port Simpson BC
    2. Sympatica
    3. Searching for info on my grandmothers side of the family. Name: Annie Louisa Tait DOB: June 5, 1919 in Port Simpson, BC Canada Parents: Louisa Gray William Tait We just learned of her "birth surname" and was lead to believe for several years that her maiden name was "Kipp" with her father named Robert Kipp. She had passed way when my mom was 1 month of ageĀ  (1955) and ties with the family were severed by my grandfather/ Annie's husband Arthur Bergeron. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Respond here or at: [email protected] Tags: Port Simpson, Tait, Kipp, Gray

    02/02/2011 06:24:07
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Hartshorne
    2. peteratroystons
    3. Hello, I am looking for any info on Ronald Hartshorne, canadian who was stationed in England in 1941 and married Alice Margaret Young in Sussex, they later emigrated to Canada. The last known address I have for Alice is in Prince Rupert British Colombia. I would be grateful for any help with this family as trying to complete my husbands family tree, Alice would be his auntie. Thanks to anyone who has info , Dianne

    07/03/2010 08:57:11
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Embury family
    3. I am hoping for help, I have recently found a couple of deaths in Terrace in 1972 & 1973. There is mention of Mr & Mrs John Embury in the obit notice of Katherine Rose Marie Fowler. It was her son in law and her daughter. 1972. I believe they had a son Rudy, but not confirmed yet. Thanks Susan Fowler Beaverton Ontario

    01/12/2008 05:23:15
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Fowler
    3. I have just located a death of Ernest Fowler 1973 & Katherine Fowler 1972 both were in their 80's in Terrace. I have been searching for a Ernest Fowler who was born in Ontario and moved out west? No one seems to know where. But was wondering if this could possibly be him. Does anyone have any further info? Thanks Susan Fowler Ontario

    01/05/2008 08:57:34
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] thank you
    2. doug wilson
    3. To anyone that sent me a e-mail thank you .my mail sever has been acting up so i changed it and dont have your addresses. Take care George England

    04/01/2007 10:44:16
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] drowning
    2. Doug Wilson
    3. Hi all If a person drowned in Williams lake what paper would the information be in, and how or where would I be able to get it please, any help would would be appreciated Thank you in advance George

    03/22/2007 07:30:04
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Kincolith & Nisga'a Lineage
    2. Carol
    3. Hello List, I'm hoping someone out there will have some information on my Nisga'a family. My G.Grandfather was Chief Albert WALSH (Neash) b. abt. 1851 in Angida (sp?) He traveled to Kincolith with Reverend Tomlinson on the first raft. He was in the first group to be baptized in Kincolith on November 7, 1869. He married Martha BARNES on December 28, 1875. William SMITH married his wife Sarah on December 24, 1875 and both men list their father as "Zawemack" making William & Albert brothers. Albert re-married Jane Turk in 1913 after the death of Martha. He died on September 28, 1914 in Kincolith. Martha BARNES was know before baptism as "Kiedzundaeon/Kedupindaon". Her father was Welcun a.k.a. Adam Barnes. Her mother was Hannah Barnes a.k.a. Nox Catherine. Martha's older sister Catherine married Unknown RYAN and was listed as a widow on the 1881 census along with her children Emily (Emma) age 10, Mary & Elizabeth both age 8, Charles age 5 and Simon 6 months. Martha & Albert had at least three children: Alice b. May 26, 1871, married William J. Matheson December 18, 1890 and died December 1891 in childbirth. Sarah Amelia b. September 29, 1886 - died young and my Grandmother, Catherine Amelia Walsh b. March 10, 1889. The family home was in Kincolith. Martha died on May 3, 1909. My Grandmother was educated at the Metlakatla school and even worked there until 1910. She then worked as a maid for Rev. W.E. Collison in Prince Rupert (1911) and then for Alexander Manson and his family in Prince Rupert (1914). My Grandmother somehow came to Vancouver where she had two children and then married. She died in Vancouver in 1938. I have found all this information on my own as my Grandmother took the story of her heritage to her grave. My mother did not know anything about her mother's heritage - her mother died when she was only sixteen. I would love to become part of the great Nisga'a Nation but without my House & Crest I am not eligible. As my G.Grandparents had girls, the name WALSH has been lost to the ages. If anyone has any knowledge of this family, please contact me. Hopefully, Carol Wright Everything is always ok in the end. If it isn't - then it's not the end!! __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

    12/29/2006 03:28:41
    1. [NORTH-NORTHWEST] Executions in Canada
    2. Murray Pletsch
    3. Dear Folks: This interesting site was mentioned on another list this morning. The site lists many of the names and crimes of people executed in Canada... Right from the beginning to the present. Bye for now............M u r r a y P l e t s c h................ N.E. Ontario G r a v e m a r k e r G a l l e r y................ Websites: &

    09/15/2006 01:35:57
    1. New List Management software - Rootsweb
    2. Murray Pletsch
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    1. Initial list information.
    2. Murray Pletsch
    3. Dear Listers: This mailing list is building fast after its creation a week ago. Please feel free to post any queries you wish related to the Region of the List. It has been well known over the years, by folks on these lists that a comprehensive message including names, dates, places and any other facts, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, could provide the clue that someone will see and cause them to respond with help. A quick reminder for novices on how to send a message to the list. Use the form of the ficticious address below: [email protected] Good luck with your research. Bye for now...........Murray Pletsch

    03/28/2006 01:13:48